From now on, in the Bookitit online booking and appointment application, you have the possibility of configure agendas with the option that your clients must confirm attendance at the appointment they have pending.

You can configure this new functionality so that if the client who has made the booking does not confirm the appointment within the time that you establish the appointment, either it is kept in the calendar or it is eliminated leaving the space free again for another user, you can choose one of the two options.

To configure this new function you must enter the control panel of your Bookitit account and go to MY AGENDAS, in the icons on the right of each agenda you have to enter the fourth icon (gear wheel).


Once inside, scroll down to the option CONFIRMED APPOINTMENTS BY THE USER and you will see this section where you can configure the different options.

On the one hand, you can establish how long before the reservation a NOTIFICATION will be sent BY EMAIL TO THE USER where they must confirm whether or not they will finally attend the appointment.

On the other hand, you can also configure how long the user has since receiving the notification to confirm attendance.

And finally there are two options where we must choose what happens if the user DOES NOT CONFIRM THE APPOINTMENT WITHIN THE ESTABLISHED TIME:

1.-The appointment is kept in the calendar even if the user has not confirmed it and the confirmation email expires.

2.-The appointment is deleted from the calendar as it is not confirmed by the user, leaving a free space for another booking.