If you have a hand and feet nails beauty centre, the Bookitit online booking system is the perfect booking application for your business. Including the online booking link in your website, Facebook site or even in yout Instagram profile, your clients will be able to make online appointments with the services of your centre without having to bother about the telephone.

Besides, our calendar system will send an e-mail or SMS notification as a reminder of the appointment to your clients when you decide: one or some hours before the appointment, one or several days before… as you want. The aim is to reduce abstenteeism. This way, you won’t waste this already booked hour in your calendar.




Firstly, you will have to include the Bookitit widget in your website, in your Facebook profile or in your Instagram profile.

Once you completed the first step, the client will be able to select the service or treatment he or she wants. After that, the client will select the calendar (worker or room) which offers the service. Also the day and time among the availability possibilities that your centre offers. Finally, the client will need to fill some personal information to complete de booking of the appointment. Easy.