If you have a photography studio and you find complicated managing all the appointments with your clients, start automizing this process with an online booking system.

Managing your time and having control of your clients is very easy with Bookitit. Here you will be able to introduce all the services you offer and adign them a price. Besides, you also will be able to introduce your employees and award them which services is going to make each one of them.

Establishing your schedule and introducing it in the online booking software, your clients will be able to see the opening hours of your photography studio and, in this way, also your availability. So that your clients can book, you can configure the option of booking with certain time in advance. So, if for a certain service that you offer you need a time of preparation, this can be a perfect tool for your studio. Let’s take as an example that you need at least a week of advance in the booking for a familiar photography session. Once this option is set up from the Bookitit Dashboard, your clients will only be able to do it this way.

On the other side, with the appointment cancelation, you will know if the client will finally go to your centre to receive the service that he or she has booked. This is very usefull to not waste this time and spending it in other tasks.

Despite you have an online booking system in your business, you don’t have to worry about the appointments which are taken by phone or face to face. You will only have to introduce them in your Bookitit calendar and they will synchronize with the rest of them.
How do my clients book?

First, it will be necessary that you include the Bookitit online booking system widget in your website, Facebook page or Instagram profile. From here, your clients will be able to access easily to the process of online booking.

The client will select the service that he or she wants. For example, 8 passportsize photos. After that, the client will choose the day and time of the booking. Before concluding the booking, the client will have to fill some personal information, as the name, the e-mail and the phone number.

If you want to confirm the appointment before it is included in the Bookitit online calendar, set it up from the Dashboard and receive a notification in the client’s moment of the booking to confirm it or reject it.