With the Bookitit online booking system you will enhance the usage of your ressources. Today we will show it in the external use ot the gym rooms. Let’s think about these rooms that the the gym rents to someone (external to the company) so that they can carry out there their activities, such as a pilates coach or a dance teacher.

The gym will have to manage who is going to hire the rooms every time, that is because the Bookitit booking engine can be very useful to combine schedules of these self-employees and the availability of the room. Besides, thanks to the online appointment system, the time in which there is no scheduled activity, it can be offered online so that anyone can book it.
For example: if my usual activities let the room every morning free, I will offer in this slot of time the renting of the rooms to self-employees that want to carry out their labour activity there. Furthermore, if I still have some more free times I will offer them in the Bookitit online booking widget to anyone who wants to use it.

About how to configure it, it is that simple as –after register– visit the Bookitit tutorial guides, or contact us right now and make the most of your ressources at any time.