Nowadays it is essential to have a good diet to have a healthy organism and healthy life.

The food that we consume gives us the necessary nutrients and this is how are body can make some functions in an optimum way. This energy is measured in calories and we can get these trough food and also from the reserves that our body stores.

If we want to reach good results having a good diet is something essential and it is important to take professional advice, as a nutritionist can offer us.




The online booking system allows us to select what kind of surgery we want to take, see the availability to book an appointment with the nutritionist and select the day and hour we want. The nutritionist receives our appointment with him or her at real time in his Bookitit calendar and the user receives automatically an e-amil or SMS as a reminder with all the details of the appointment.

In the Bookitit booking software dashboard the nutritionist has registered a list of all his or her clients with all their personal information as name, e-mail, telephone number and a file with all the appointments of each of them.

To make this possible, the nutritionist will have to introduce the online booking widget in the website, Facebook profile or Instagram profile. Once this is done, the clients will be able to make online appointments following some simple steps:

1. The user will select the wanted service. Some examples are: first visit, continuation…




2. Next step will be choosing the day and hour of the appointment among all the options according to the nutritionist’s availability through the online booking application’s widget.




3. Finally, the user will fill some personal information, which will be necessary to complete our booking. In the same moment we confirm our appointment, the nutritionist receives it in his or her Bookitit calendar.