Online appointments in dental clinics have been growing during the last year. A lot of Dental Clinics have decided to use the online appointments so their clients can book the day and hour they want without the need to make a telephoone booking. It will only be necessary to access online to the availability the clinic offers.

So, this is a rising sector, it is not only showing that the client can book at any day and time confortly in any place, but also that dental clinics are starting to improve their agendas.

The clinic can include the booking widget in their own website and in their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Its benefits:

-Clients will be able to book for themselfs and choose the best day and hour to assist to the clinic

-The prepayment system benefits the business accounting. The service can be payed directly and completely online without cueing neither waiting times.

-The automatic reminder both for clients and dentists benefits the assistance to the appointment. You will able to set up the anticipation with which you want the notification to be sent.

Bookitit offers a free test for 15 days so dental clinics can see the benefits of having the online appointment system.

Moreover, the Bookitit online scheduling system allows to download for free its app for phones. This way, professionals will be able to manage their appointments from any place and at any time.