Working on the administration of a business center that counts with many rooms and offices for its rent is difficult to manage.

That is why counting with a booking system that automatizes all the renting process simplifies a lot the management of the rooms and offices. In this post we are going to tell you how Bookitit can benefit your business center and which functionalities adapt better to it.

To use Bookitit correctly, first you will have to establish the services of your business center. In this case, each service will be the time for the rent of the rooms. For example: Rent 1 hour, Rent 2 hours, Rent 3 hours, etc.

In this way, if a person needs a room for a reunion that, approximately, will last 2 hours, the person will choose Rent 2 hours in the moment of the booking.

After, you will have to establish the calendars. The calendars, which are determined by the space, in this case will be the different rooms and offices with which your center counts. That is, if you have 25 rooms and offices, you can numerate or name them and establish them as agendas.

Besides, if any of your rooms are enabled as coworking spaces, with Bookitit it is possible to offer several bookings for the same room. The number of bookings could be determined by the number of available computers, for example. In this way, if the room counts with 7 computers, the corresponding agenda to this room can be configured by turns, in the way that it offers seven slots for the same time and for the same room.

So, when a person decides to rent an office, in the moment of the booking, the person will see how many available computers are in this room in the different available hours.

On the other side, you can assign an independent schedule to each room or office. In this way, each room can offer different schedules, depending on when the schedule shows as “Online” or “Offline”.
On the other hand, the Bookitit Booking Calendar can be synchronized with other calendar as iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook. In this way, all the bookings of the rooms that are showed in the calendar of our app, will be updated in your personal calendar. This offers a lot of comfort since you have not to be aware of two calendars at the same time.

About the payments, Bookitit offers different payment gateways for the prepayment system, if you configure it so: Paypal, Stripe and Redsys. The prepayment system offers comfort not only for the client but also for the administration of your business center, because it is about a less management to worry about.

Regardless of counting with a prepayment system or generating the charges traditionally, everything related with the charges, expenses, debts or cash desk movements keeps registered and automatically managed from the invoicing panel of Bookitit.

The numerous benefits that an appointment scheduling software as Bookitit can contribute to your business center can be summarized here:

When your clients book a room or office online and all the bookings keep registered in only one calendar, the organization of them is better. Besides, when a room is already booked for a specific time, the system makes impossible the booking for another person for the same room and in the same date and time. In this way, it is a much secure way to have the room assigned without worries about mistakes.

Technologies offer much comfort, not only to your business, but also to your clients. Be able to manage the booking of rooms and offices in a quickly, instant way, at any time and place, will increase the satisfaction of your clients.

The administration will get a better management. Besides not having to pick up the telephone for the bookings, also the invoicing is more controlled since it is automatized.