Today we are going to tell you how to make the most of your online business. Firstly, it is necessary to define what kind of business it is and to which public it is adressed. Nowadays every company takes advantage of the benefits that Internet offers when it is about to promote and sell products. But, what happens when we have to sell a service instead of a product? If this is your situation, pay atention because we are going to give you some keys to make your business profitable.

The e-commerce is the key so your business can succeed. A lot of people associate electronic commerce only with tangible products but, what happens with the services sector? There exisit ways of selling your services through the Internet and for improving your clients’ experiences by offering them alternatives to tradicional.

We refer to hire an online booking and appointment system. With an online system engine you can handle with your business leaving the promotion and selling to the Internet, selling more booking possibilities to any kind of commercial profiles.

What kind of advantages do you have by using an online booking system for your service sale?

If you have a hairdressers, beauty centre, driving school, medical clinic, hospital, embassy, etc., the online booking will be efficient. On the one hand, because you will have your business under control without ignoring other functions as the clients’ dealing. On the other hand, you will allow your clients to book at any time without bothering your personal life or spare time.

Why using an online booking system as Bookitit?

Bookitit has got an widget which adapts to any website or Facebook and Instagram profile. It can be set up following some simple steps depending on your business’ needs. With Bookitit you will manage your employees’ times, have details of all your clients, offer discount coupons and give the option to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any place, with Internet access. Moreover, with Bookitit you will able to send reminders through e-mail or SMS, a value added which will be very useful for your clients.

How to sell through Bookitit?

We recommend you to include the online booking and appointment widget in your website and in your Facebook and Instagram profiles. At the same time you should inform your clients through social networks, e-mails, SMS and mouth to mouth that you now have an online appointment system, very easy, very useful, with no waiting times and useful at any time of the day. Little by little, your clients will be getting yo know the tool and your online system will be getting more importance. The benefits for your clients are clear: confort of booking any time they want, the confort of the appointment reminder, and the most important is to do it without waiting times, without calls, and without wasting time. For the businessman or businesswoman it will be a tool which is going to help him or her in releasing some work hours and to improving the clients’ dealing as it is going to be the maximum priority in your business.