Social networks are nowadays an essential ressource for ay kind of business with the aim of growing up and to promote. Most of all it’s beauty centres, hairdressers, barber shops, physiotherapists and spas, the business which can be benefited by social networks to reach these aims.

Facebook and Instagram are the best social media with which you can promote your business and improve its quality:

1. Social media help you to reinforce your brand: the appearence of your business in social networks allows its visualization and positioning in a new field.

2. Having an account of your business in Facebook and Instagram makes it expand and reach new clients. There are mostly the youngest people who use social media, so your public will be wide and diverse.

3. Presence in social media will allow you to have direct contact with your clients. You can include them in your friends list, upload photos and videos of your services, promotions, etc. and see what they think about them in comments. This way, you will be able to see your mistakes quickly and improve them so your business grows up in harmony with your clients.

4. Furthermore, in your Facebook and Instagram profiles you can iclude the Bookitit online booking system. With it, your clients will be able to access and make online appointments with any of your services.

In this way, the client will save time and money calling by phone or going to your place to make an appointment. The client will be able to select the service, day and hour among the different availability possibilities that you will have previously set up from the booking software’s dashboard. The client will be satisfied with the inmediacy and the nearness you give them with social media.

5. Having an account in any social network for your business involves also to make the difference among the competition in your sector. To improve your social media’s esthetic with photos and videos will give you a higher number of followers and new clients.

Moreover, you will also be able to follow closely your competitors because you will be fully abreast of the services they offer, their promotions, etc. This way, you will be able to adapt and improve if necessary.

6. It is a very cheap promotion method and with which you win a lot. It’s only necessary invest some time to make a good promotion of your services through texts publications, photos and video uploadings, and answering your clients and future clients. You only will need a mobile phone and net connexion to carry it out.

7. You will improve the traffic in your website. If you include the link to your website in your Facebook and Instagram profiles, there will be a lot of people who, besides visiting your social network’s profiles, they will click and see everything you offer in your website. It is recalled that you can include the online scheduling system’s widget in your website , so your clients can make appointments with your services quickly and easy.

So simple can a client book online any of your services with the Bookitit online booking application:

Once the client has entered in the widget’s link, both in Facebook or Instagram and in your website, he or she will be able to select any of the services you offer. Secondly, the client will have to choose what day and hour he or she wants to make the appointment among the possibilities the system will offer and which will be previously set up according to your availability. After these simple steps, the clients will only have to fill some personal information as his or her name, e-mail or telephone to finish the booking.

In real time you will receive in your calendar the client’s booking and he or she will receive an e-mail or SMS notification as a reminder of the appointment with the anticipation you want. In case the client decides to cancel or edit the booking you also will be notified. This way, you will avoid lost time due to the regular client’s abstenteeism with their appointments.