A day has got 24 hours, we are all in agreement. We all have ahead the same time. So, you can take advantage of the time or you can waste it.

We have found a very interesting article on the Internet about time management adressed to you, entrepreneur, who want the day to have 30 hours to manage your business, enjoying some time for you and share moments with family and friends. The aim of the article is to be happy with what you are doing without losing health in the attempt.

It is true that there are a lot more productive methods, that there are many specialised authors in time management and many bloggers trying to extract your motivation afloat so you can give the best of yourself and, besides, be happy. One of these methods, which is proposed in the article we have already mentioned, is actually a concept: “TIME ASSET”, which is a specific actions sequence that helps you to save time in the future.

It is true that the perfect system doesn’t exist but, it is also true that thanks to new technologies we can build ours.


1. Study all the steps you make to reach the result you search. Do you achieve it?

2. Are there possibilities to improve? Always. Is it possible to automate the process by using new technologies? Probably.

3. Design an action plan for the management you want to improve with productivity and efficiency. This will be your Time Asset.

Let’s move the concept “Time Asset” to a health centre. One of the Time Asset of a health centre, which makes that the centre works in order, is the appointment. Almost nobody can even image to go to the doctor without making first an online appointment, by telephone or in the reception counter in the health centre. This widespread practice makes that sometimes health centres or medical clinics look overwhelmed because of the ringing telephones or the crowded waiting halls with people waiting for their turn.

Logically, this is the moment you need a Time Asset, a mechanism that automate the management and returns the order to your work efficiently.


1. You are already aware that your centre is a chaos or that you need more organization. Good, you are doing great.

2. You know that there exist tools to improve the management of medical appointments. Take a look, compare and try the one which offers you what you need.

3. Once you have chosen, what else? Motivate your team to try the new tool and design a usage plan to improve wherever you need it: time and energy saving.

A Time Asset helps you to carry out particular tasks related to your business and daily life management. But, besides, a time asset makes you save time and energy, two fundamental factors to manage your business successfully. If you think in those dialy tasks and managements that keep taking much of your time and which you could be using for other things, there is something that must be changed.