Internet has changed the way of doing business and it offers a varieated list of option to offer your professional services online, thanks to the flexibility of this channel.

In this article we are going to explain the online appointment model which we a re going to present as one of the best option that Internet offers to each professional to offer their services on the Internet easily and directly to their current and potential clients.

From Bookitit, as online booking and appointment management experts and entrepreneurs, we are going to give you some advices about how to reach visibilty inside the nearest users community to win clients and make your business grow thanks to the online appointment management. We are going to take the example of a physiotherapy professional that opens its own consultation and doesn’t count with so many human and economic ressources as a physiotherapy clinic.

“I’m physiotherapist, I have my own consultation and I want to offer the possibility to make online appointments, but nobody knows me”

1. The first thing you should do is to choose which physiotherapy services you want that your current and future patients can book online.

ADVICE!: Define them well and organize them depending on the typology to publish them in your online booking and appointment application. See how to do it here.

2. Once you have defined them, why don’t you write in your blog about the benefits of every service you offer online? If you don’t have any blog, you can create one for free in wordpress or blogger, which are the most important sites to open a blog.

3. The next step is to gain visibility in your social networks about the offer of these services. Open a business page (FanPage) in Facebook in which you can share how is your day to day as a physiotherapist and the contents of your blog.

ADVICE!: Link each blog article that you share on Facebook with the page were your clients can make online appointments to not waste the opportunity of turning a reader into a client.

4. By last, be constant and tell all your patients that you offer them the possibility of booking online and how to do it. The word of mouth is very important to create the first contacts net.

If you choose Bookitit to manage the online booking and the appointment of your physiotherapy consultation, register in our web to make a free trial for 15 days. From the moment on that you register and until you tell us, we will offer you free costumer service every time you need it.