Once a person said he did not know how our online scheduling application could be really useful for his business.

So, here are 10 reasons why he should use an online scheduling and reservation application and how it would help his business.

1. Your customers or clients are able schedule Reservations, Bookings or Appointments whenever they want, even while you are a sleep.

You are able to receive reservations, bookings and appointments on your web and Facebook Page. Your reception will be open 24 hours a day, everyday!

Serving customers 24 hours a day!


No need to reconcile difficult schedules or timetables, the application does it automatically for you. Besides, Your customers or clients have an easy overview of the available and unavailable hours. Read more!

Your online business calender

3. No more old paper agenda and unreadable handwriting. All appointments in one online calendar.

You can access your Calender on your mobile device, computer or any other device connected to the internet. And you can easily see which dates are available if you would like to add an appointment manually to your Online Calendar. Read more!

Your online calender always available

4. Reduces the amount of phone calls, that also means the phone bills.

Your customers or clients can make online reservations from your website or Facebook page, So it also removes communication barriers which make your services easier to sell.

Bookitit on your web page or Facebook page

5. No more worries about boring hours full of waiting for somebody coming through the door.

Create discount coupons, vouchers or associate with LetsBonus, Offerum, Groupalia or Groupon. Because you can selected the hours or days when these coupons or vouchers are valid, it helps you to avoid empty or non saturated hours.

6. No more waiting in the eternal waiting room. Clients will come when you want them to come.

Improve Customer satisfaction by setting times for your appointments. Are you able to receive more clients at the same time? Set it with our “Shift” or “Depended Calendar” Functions.

Organize the amount of clients per hour

7. You can save the data of your customers and make your own database.

Obtain knowledge on the clients who make online reservations. You are able to reward them with their next reservation. Even your existing clients database can be added to the application, you can have them all in one database.

Your online and offline client database

8.Never forget your clients or an appointment ever again


Set reminders by SMS or email for your clients to reduce the amount of No Shows. You are also able to set reminders for your employees or yourself. You business becomes more satisfied and customer satisfaction will increase.

9. Learn from the past to improve your future!

The application stores data, Reports and statics. This will help you to find out which services are more popular among your customers, Which customers are more loyal and how they book your services. From here you can create targeted promotions and highlight a service over another.

All reports and statics in one application

10. Try it for FREE! And when it fits your needs, We will cover all your needs with prices starting from €15,90 a month.

Easy as it gets! Try Bookitit and all its features 15 days for free! Lets get Started!

Not fully convinced? Read more about our Success Cases!

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