Are you in a managing function or do you own a business? This article contains 10 easy to use tips to save money, Interesting right?

1. Save money on “Petty Cash”

Most of these expenses can be changed with new technologies. For example think of paper calendars, organizers and appointment books. Why should everyone work in its own organizer, it doesn’t improve internal efficiency, teamwork. New technologies are cheaper, more efficient and allow you to oversee every employee his calendar. Appointments are organized automatically and it prevents double bookings. Add an appointment or just interested in what your day will be like? Your calendar is available on any device with an Internet connection. Read more about an online Calendar!

2. Paper have had its days

Nowadays we have alternatives for paper ,Now you can have an ecological footprint and save money at the same time. Offer your catalog, leaflets and brochures online. you can analyze to your ROI (return on investment), learn more about your audience and improve your communication with them. Try useful tools like to create your own promotional campaign, select a lay out, design it to your wishes and share it with your social networks. It’s free, It’s cheap and effective!

3. An event with minimal resources

Create a local event, It can be as cheap as you want it to be. Let’s say you own a beauty salon, your target group is the local community and you would like to gain some brand-awareness which might lead to new clients. Invite a local entrepreneur, who has the same type of target group as you to join you, for example a fashion store which attracts your (potential or targeted) target groups. Roll down a red carpet ask some regular clients to be models and have a fashion show with the latest trends and give away a few free treatments (if it is profitable). Write a good press release for the local newspaper and use social media to attract visitors. With minimal resources you are able to create a successful event which attracts a lot of attention. Try it! It will save you a lot of advertising expenses.

4. What about your workspace?

Take a good look at your office, store, hair or beauty salon. Lights and electronic equipment are probably the main sinners on your electricity bill. However to run your business or preform your services you will need this devices, so what to do to save money. Well first of all remember that small things CAN make a change on your energy bill. Printers are old fashioned, use syncing software so all task are available on all devices and work in the cloud.  Is your office or store located favorable in relative towards the sun? Why block it out of the office, often it provides enough light to provide your office with natural daylight and it is free. And in our opinion cozier than those horrible fluorescent lights.

5. What a community could do for you

Use social media to create a community around your business. Share promotional actions, updates about your organization, create a blog and post interesting articles for your target group to keep them involved with your business. Post photos and always share links to your website! use a user-friendly webshop. Offering services? Try an online booking widget and let your clients make their appointments with you through your website.  Using blogs and social network have two important key words for success, Keep it Personal and focus on your landing Page!

6. Personal approach

Try and use free instant messenger applications to communicate with your clients, Skype, Whatsapp, Line, BBM or any other popular messenger. It’s easy, direct, free and personal. Keep in mind you are approaching your clients in their personal habitat, don’t approach them with promotional campaigns. This will result in the opposite. Would you like a more formal approach? Try an application which offers text messages and email notifications for the same price as normal texts. With Bookitit you can select in which cases you would like send notifications, appointment reminders or promotional campaign and have it all automated. Read more

7. Study your bills and Compare!

Take every once in a while some time to study the offers of phone companies, and change them if necessary. Try every now and then to be a bit cheeky and dare to ask for counteroffers. You never know!!

8. The right information saves money!

Make sure you learn more about your customers. Use reports and periodic reviews to see the demand and popularity of your services. It makes none-saturated hours visible. Set promotional campaigns, create discount codes/coupons to promote these quiet hours. Save on your promotion and marketing investments by using specific information about your clients behavior.

9. Use internal knowledge

If you are a small business or a start up, marketing and promotional campaigns are expensive investments. Try a brainstorm session with your employees, often they have original and creative ideas and you might be lucky that you have a real marketing talent among your employees. Use the right software to combine your ideas with the right information and you are able to save a lot of money on marketing expenses.

10. Use the newest technologies!

Use new technologies to make your business more efficient. Offering products online is quite common nowadays and still a growing business, but what to do if you offer services. Try an online scheduling application, your appointment making will be automated. It will be easier for your clients to make an appointment and for you it will save you time which can be invested in other duties or responsibilities.