Bookitit is an online scheduling software to manage the appointments of your psychology clinic. The app will allow you to have the conrol of all your patients, their appointment record, their next appointments, etc.

Your centre’s patients, through the online booking, can make appointments with the services that you offer any day, at any time and at any place. The process automate completly so that the appointments will be included in your Booking Calendar by themselves. So, it’s about a saving of time for your patients but also for you.

However, if you prefer to have a higher control on this process you also have the option to confirm or reject the appointments before these are included in the calendar. If you configure this option, each time a patient makes an online appointment, you will obtain a notification from where you will be able to confirm or reject it.

So that your clients can make online bookings you will first have to establish which are your services and agendas.

On the one side, the services of your psychology clinic would be determined by the duration of the sessions. For example, you could count with:

• Individual session of 30 minutes
• Individual session of 60 minutes
• Individual session of 90 minutes
• Group session of 30 minutes
• Group session of 60 minutos
• Group session of 90 minutes

On the other side, the agendas would be these persons who carry out the sessions. In this case, the counselors of your centre. So, the agenda would be each one of the specialists that work in your psychology clinic.

Once the services and agendas are set up you will be able to introduce the booking widget in your website or its link in your social networks (Facebook and Instagram). From here on your patients will be able to start with the booking process.

Our online booking system, besides, carries the economic management of your centre. From the invoicing panel of your Bookitit account you will have the complete control of your charges, expenses, cash desk movements and the debts of your patients.
How do my patients book?

The patients of your psychology clinic first will have to choose the service they want to. After, if the service is offeret by more than one agenda, the patient will be able to choose which specialist is going to treat him or her. In case that the service is offered by only one agenda, the patient will access directly to choose tha date and time of its next session.

On the step of choosing the date and time of the appointment it will only shown these which are available in real time. This will be previously configured from the opening hours of the centre and from the independent schedule of the agendas.

Next, the patient will have to introduce its name, e-mail and telephone number, in case that it’s a new user. If the patient is already registered, he or she will have to access with the own e-mail and password.

Before completing the booking, if you have configured any of the prepay options, the patient will have to pay the amount that you will have introduced in the service configuration in the moment of the booking. Once the payment has been done, the booking will be included in your Booking Calendar.

In cas that you have congfigured the option of confirm or reject the appointments, when the patients has finished with this booking process, the appointment wont be included in your Bookitit Calendar until you have confirmed the appointment.

Multicentre version

In case that your psychology centre counts with several centres distribuited in different locations, our online appointment booking software allows you to manage all of your centre from a same account. If you want to know more about this functionality go to this post.