As an Entrepreneur, a startup or a shop manager, time management is a crucial factor nowadays. The web offers you different business tools to manage your time and to improve your business. So what if there is an Online Application which could help you to attract customers, improve customer satisfaction and makes you work more efficient.

With our Online Scheduling application Bookitit we have developed an application which allows you to manage several useful Business Tools in one application.

Our main feature is the Online Appointment widget. Our Online Appointment Application allows your customers to make Appointments online which will automatically be synchronized in your Calendar. By using Bookitit as your Online Scheduler, your Reception will be open 24/7. With easy steps you configure which services are available at what time and your clients will be able to book these appointments in just 4 easy steps that take less than 3 minutes. You don’t have to install any software to use Bookitit, you just implement our widget to your Website or Facebook Page and your clients will be able to book their appointments Online. Your Organizer is available on your smart phone, tablet or any other device with an Internet connection. Read more!

Do I need an Offline and Online Organizer?

No you don’t, Our online Calendar allows you to add offline appointments easily through our fast view feature and this offline added appointment is automaticaly synchronized with your Online Agenda. You are able to manage your online and offline calendar in one Calendar so, double bookings will be history! Read more!

Well actually I prefer my old traditional Organizer.

Fair enough, But what if I told you that by using Bookitit you create automatically a customer database. This is not just a client list with contact information, Bookitit records and shows Customer reports and statistics in easy to read graphs. You are able to analyze Customer and service data in just one click. I assume no paperback organizer is able to do that. In addition it is very easy to import an existing Database to your Online Scheduling Calendar.  . Read more!

Who uses Bookitit?

Bookitit is applicable on many different businesses in many different sectors. But in order for you to get an idea who is able to benefit from Bookitit, I will show you some examples of users and sectors who use Bookitit as their Online Scheduling Calendar.

Since the Launch of our application in 2012 one of our main sectors has been the Beauty and Health sector. Our first version was quickly adopted by Beauty centers and Hair salons who recognized the ease of Online Scheduling. In 2014 our customer database has grown over 122% of clients in the beauty sector after our first year. Read more!

One of our main clients is Mercedes-Benz Spain. Mercedes-Benz Spain uses Bookitit as their Service & Repair scheduling calendar. Clients are able to make a service or repair appointment on their website. No more struggling to find a time and date which fits both parties. The customer selects the time and date which are available in your Calendar and he is able to do it at home from his comfortable couch. Read more!

The Phone House Spain uses Bookitit to improve customer satisfaction. With their express reparation service, clients are able to make an appointment to hand in their mobile phone or tablet. It allows The Phone House to prepare the reparation which will shorten the delivery time. As you can imagine losing you mobile nowadays is dreadful. By using Bookitit The Phone House managed to soften this pain a bit.Read More!

Try Bookitit yourself and see what it could do for your Business! Try our 15 days full feature trial Now!

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