Managing appointments at a physiotherapy center can become a task that wastes time and money. With Bookitit’s online agenda for physiotherapists, managing your patients’ online reservations and your appointment calendar is fast, very simple and affordable for your pocket.

The Bookitit online reservation system adapts to all possible cases of physiotherapy centers. Whether you have a private center with an appointment schedule, or if you have several centers with multiple schedules. Bookitit can adapt and work successfully.

If you want, you can try Bookitit FREE for 15 days. During that time we will accompany you in the integration of the appointment calendar so that you can get the most out of it. If it convinces you, you can hire it from €15.90 per month.

Why an online agenda for physiotherapists? Efficient time management.

One of the barriers to the profitability of any business is the management of time and resources. Many physiotherapists decide to set up a private center at home or on a premises, to care for their patients. Becoming a business manager and at the same time working on a day-to-day basis can be a long-term headache.

A physiotherapist receives calls and WhatsApp messages during sessions with his patients. If you don’t pick up the call or don’t respond quickly, it can mean a loss of money and loyal customers. So this is the main reason that pushes physiotherapy professionals to look for tools to automate the appointment schedule.

How does Bookitit help you with time management in your physiotherapy center?

  • Integrate other calendars that you are already using: The Bookitit online reservation system allows you to synchronize your reservation calendar with other calendars. Thus, if you were already working with a calendar, you don’t have to waste time migrating all the information to your new online calendar. To learn how to integrate appointment calendars with Bookitit, take a look at the tutorial.
  • Send appointment reminders by email or SMS: with Bookitit you can configure the sending of appointment reminders or date changes, for example. This configuration is used so that your patients do not forget their monthly appointment or new appointments. In addition, you can also receive these types of alerts, something that will make it much better for you to organize your own schedule without wasting time.
  • Set several appointments at the same time for the same agenda: imagine that you are going to give a workshop at your physiotherapy center on how to maintain a good posture in front of the computer and one of your colleagues from the center is going to give the workshop. With this functionality you can quickly change the configuration for the agenda and allow several people to book the same day at the same time, through the same online reservation system. All in one!
Automatic online reservation reminders

Increase your list of patients and keep track of their physiotherapy history

  • Let your patients make an appointment through Instagram, Facebook or your website: if you have already invested time and money in generating a community of followers who become patients, with Bookitit you give them the opportunity to make an appointment in your physiotherapy center or consultation in a simple way and from the mobile. You can also insert the reservation Widget on your website in a very easy and fast way. You can take advantage of all the work you have already done with Bookitit and make it profitable.
  • Keep track of the history of your patients: health professionals need to keep track of the ailments of the people who hire them. If you have regular patients in your physiotherapy center, you will need to know them well to be able to perfect the treatments you apply to them and thus know what works or what needs to be modified. With Bookitit you can keep track of the history of each patient and everything from the same online agenda.
List of Bookitit clients
List of Bookitit clients

Create a multi-center account if you have several physiotherapy practices

  • Bookitit Multicentro for physiotherapists with several practices: With the Multicentro version of Bookitit you can manage different individual accounts from a superior control panel. This allows you to centralize all the management under the same account and keep track of your business by investing as little time as possible.

Create your account with Bookitit and get a 15-day free trial

The online agenda for physiotherapists with Bookitit is an automatic, simple, economical and quick to install management. If you have more questions about how to get the most out of Bookitit for your physiotherapy center, contact us or visit the tutorial on our website.