New technologies have also reached the mental health sector. In this post we will tell you about some of the main benefits that you will find if you use an online booking system in psychology.

As defined by the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which the person fulfills their abilities and is able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and contribute to their community. ”.

With the COVID 19 pandemic came a small push into the online world. In psychology, online therapeutic consultation became necessary, given that thousands of patients needed to continue with their therapies but could not attend in person. This marked a before and after in the way of understanding a psychology cabinet.

So whether you do therapy online or combine it with face-to-face psychology sessions, the Bookitit online reservation system can help you better manage your time by keeping perfect control of your practice’s appointment schedule.

These are the 6 benefits of using an online booking system in psychology

Using an online reservation system in psychology has multiple advantages. If you have a private psychology practice, you will have already experienced some complications that are making your time management not what you need: management of non-payments by some of your patients, receiving calls, whatsapp messages and private Instagram messages requesting an appointment for a therapy session, having your patients’ records without a backup…

With Bookitit’s appointment schedule management, time management improves exponentially. Also now you can try it for 15 days FREE without any commitment. Here we list some of the benefits of using an online booking system in psychology.

1. Improve the management of your time and that of your cabinet in an efficient way

We know that carrying the weight of running a business is complicated, that it takes up your time and that your free time suffers. If you also work with people, this can be aggravated. Unforeseen events always arise and sometimes you have to make a little effort to match the agendas of psychologists and their patients.

Thanks to the configuration of Holidays and Blocks of the Bookitit appointment calendar, your patients and those of your colleagues can easily know when to make an online reservation in your practice. In this way, balancing the agendas of all the therapists and letting patients know when and with whom they can request a therapy session is very easy, very fast and, above all, very efficient.

We know that in the day to day unforeseen events may arise that force you to neglect work for a few hours or a day. With this online reservation system you can easily block some hours of the day or the time you need. You organize your available time to receive psychological consultations and your patients know when they can come to you. Simple and automatic.

2. Receive online reservations in your practice from different channels such as Instagram or Facebook

Social Networks are a very important communication channel with your patients and followers. That is why with Bookitit your patients can request an appointment online through Instagram, Facebook or through your website.

So now getting new patients thanks to your reels and videos is a little easier. You just have to remind them that they can book online, with their phone without leaving Instagram. Easy, right?

It is possible that after the consultation you need to manually schedule the next one with the patient. With Bookitit this is not a problem because you can insert the query reservation manually. Bookitit’s online reservation calendar is versatile and offers you multiple solutions so you can manage your agendas as you need at all times.

If you are already using a calendar like iCal, Google Calendar or derivatives you can sync them with the Bookitit appointment calendar without any problem.

3. Put an end to absenteeism in the consultation and make the most of your time.

If there is a sector with an unstable daily workday, that is psychology. Getting all the patients to come to their appointments and not having idle hours between sessions sometimes takes a lot of effort.

The percentage of cancellation of appointments in psychological consultation can become exasperating for the therapist. But using the online reservation system in psychology, the control of your patients’ cancellations begins to be a reality.

With Bookitit you can configure the appointment confirmation option and you can set it as far in advance as you need. In this way, your patients have a certain time, for example 24 hours, to confirm that they will attend the consultation. Otherwise they can lose their appointment and you can relocate another patient. The efficient day-to-day management of your psychological office begins with Bookitit.

4. Improve the knowledge of each patient with this online booking system for psychologists

Work in a psychology office also consists of preparing records that allow you to review each case in order to propose new therapeutic solutions. In addition, in each consultation, new comments are added to the history that build your own mental image of each patient.

If you start using the online booking system in psychology, you will be able to continue creating your patients’ records, store them in the cloud and also sort the comments you include digitally by entry date.

And since we care about the privacy of your patients just as you do, the data you include about each of them can be encrypted in a simple way so that only you can have access to them.

5. End unpaid therapy sessions with Bookitit

Sometimes it may happen that you find a patient who is not too regular in paying for therapy sessions. This forces you to persecute him, in a figurative sense, with calls, messages or even you are in the position of telling him that he cannot ask for a new appointment if he does not resolve the pending payments.

With Bookitit’s online booking system you can set up a prepayment option at the time of booking the session. In this way, your patients can make an appointment online from the preferred platform and pay right away. This not only avoids forgetfulness or non-payment, but also helps you reduce the collection management time during the consultation.

6. Book appointments in person and also online

Not all your patients are in your city or they cannot always attend the session in person. If COVID 19 left us with something good, it was the push in booking online sessions in psychology.

Using this online booking system in psychology means being able to give your patients the option of booking an appointment in person or online. This way your patients can enter the reservation calendar, select which therapist they need to make an appointment with and choose whether the appointment will be online or in person.

When the time comes for the session, both of you can connect easily through a link that Bookitit generates automatically.

Request now a trial of the online booking system in psychology for free for 15 days

The best way to check if this appointment management program for your psychological office is what you need is to try it.

Request the Bookitit free trial for 15 days simply by telling us your name (or the name of your query), leaving us an email, indicating the country in which you are working and a telephone number. You will receive the password to test the online reservation system in your cabinet automatically and your trial period will begin.

Our support is in Spanish and we will be happy to help you with any questions that may arise during those days.