The widget of Bookitit supports both  websites and your Facebook Fan Page. As we explained earlier, you can integrate your Bookitit application and enjoy the benefits that it gives you. But, how do to let your costumers can book from your mobile through Facebook?

We explain you step by step how to get your Bookitit Widget on Facebook for mobile:

1. Go to Bookitit App.

2. Enter the “Integration” section of the Control Panel.

3.  Click on the button “Do you want to see your widget in action? “

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_VmMDOAxyUj0

4. Copy the url.

5. Paste the url for and entry in Facebook. Write something attractive as a lure to your costumers and makes the publication.

6. Finally, After the publication, you must go to the tab that appears to the left of the box and leavethe entry as “setting at the top”. Provided this entry at the beginning of your Facebook Page will appear and will be easier to findfor costumers visiting your business.

We recommend once followed steps, you write an entry in which explains the performance of your booking tool, in order to report the extra service you offer your costumers. With a few simple steps, your habitual costumers will have one more way to engage your service while you are using the Facebook application as a method of sale.

If you have any question or want us advise you: contact us.