From now, you can view your appointments Bookitit by agendas in other calendars. We have made the upgrade so you can directly see your schedule in your calendar iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook. This is a way to be aware of any changes in your work schedule and combine it with your daily life, your routines and appointments outside of working life, so you can combine it all easily and without complications.

The display of appointments is immediate and updating the agenda is carried out according to your needs. As you can see in the tutorial  that we have prepared, once made the compatibility of agendas, lets you customize every few minutes you want the schedule is updated. There are some simple steps that will allow you to be 100 % at work without neglecting your personal life.

With the display of quotations, each appointment is made in Bookitit appear instantly on your personal agenda, but it is not a synchronization; modifications, changes and edits are always made ​​from the panel Bookitit and never from the other calendars.

If you already have a schedule, be aware of your settings as iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar and start enjoying the benefits of the new update of Bookitit. If you have any questions, contact us.