We have finished a study on statistics of users who use Bookitit as a tool for managing schedules and reservations online. The data for 2014 are an indicator of the potential and possibilities offered by a system of prior online booking and appointment to the service sector. The trend of selling through Internet is growing, and today not only sell products but e -commerce can be adapted to any type of services through online booking systems that not only improve time management and optimize working hours but also, sell services through websites or Facebook.

Statistics from 2014 show that people who use booking system Bookitit has increased prior appointment online by 74 % over the previous year, only 26 % of customers still using the traditional book as a way to make their appointments.

These figures demonstrate the adaptation of traditional client to new technologies and today the more facilities you offer to your customers, the more productive your business would be. The reservation system Bookitit in three easy steps allows your customers to order their appointments at any time of day and from where they are located and automatically updates your calendar online at the time.

Following the 2014 study, the figures show that in Spain accumulate hours more demand for appointment between 11.00 and 14.00, and between 17.00 and 21.00. These coincide with working hours, so have a booking system and online appointment will provide extra help in your work hours. You will no longer be dependent on the phone or emails, with Bookitit your only concern will attend to your customers and offer a better, more personalized attention. Also, you improve your free hours and your time management because Bookitit will handle organize your working hours. You increase your company’s productivity and improved coordination of your employees. The remaining 30% is produced in different time. This is also an indicator that have a booking system is more effective, because customers who do not make reservations in hours, not interfere with your hours of leisure and personal time, but also are offering your services 24 hours a day, without holidays influencing your business when an appointment.

On the other hand, according to the graphs of 2014, the day that most online reservations are received on Mondays . On Monday, considered the worst day is the day that appointment is requested. According to the analysis, the percentage of appointment has increased considerably and during 2014, Monday not only more bookings are made online but most bookings are made offline. With Bookitit Monday will be a day of the week, and all appointments are organized automatically in your online calendar, which can be viewed from any device through our website.

The beginning of 2015 is following the dynamics of the previous year and increases the appointment in the service sector. This shows that companies that use online booking system are more profitable. What you should worry about is your customers, Bookitit and is responsible for selling your services and organize your agenda.

If you do not know Bookitit but think is perfect for your business, please contact us. We have many rates and possibilities for every type of business, Bookitit fits your needs and enjoy the experience that provides an online reservation system.

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