When a business thrives, a growing need for management and organization of time and tasks inevitably proliferates. During the last years, it has become customary for companies to delegate diligence tasks to other external entities, often resorting to the services of virtual secretaries. Virtual assistance is a booming field and at Bookitit we want to help you make your work much easier. Through the Multicentre version, specially designed for professionals in the field of management, you can manage multiple businesses at the same time in the most optimal and organized way possible. Our reservation system allows you to process information from multiple establishments of different nature.


Using our program to schedule online appointments you can forget to always take your notebook with you. Our system allows you to collect all the information of your customers in a schematic and simplified way and access it comfortably and efficiently. With Bookitit you can make sure that all the demands of your customers will be assured. In the case that you work with a doctor, we will send notifications to patients when any unforeseen event arises or the doctor takes a vacation. You just have to program it and we will do the rest of the work. Using our online booking software you will save a lot of time and effort, and you will have the opportunity to cover many more businesses. In addition, with Bookitit you can create different profiles within each of the centers with which you are working, being able to share information with employees or by restricting certain sections depending on the needs of each establishment.


We know that when you deal with many companies at the same time, each one imposes their specific issues on you and it is often very difficult to attend such a varied demand. The result is a complex framework that must be schematized and organized so that your work is not a chaos and you can have access to the information effectively and clearly. That is why we have designed a program capable of attending to all these aspects and making your day to day much easier. Many virtual assistance businesses already have us, as is the case of Mi Secretaria or Secretaria Directa. With our help you will see the bulk of your work significantly reduced, minimizing the time you spend organizing all the information and working in a much more productive way. The configuration of our program is very simple and convenient to use and will allow you to manage all the data of your clients quickly and operatively.