We have developed Bookitit Pocket to make your work easier. With our app you can make your efforts easier and direct from everywhere, comfortable visually and more atractive and intuitive. The app has all the features that gives you access to Bookitit agenda through Internet, but now, quickly and from any mobile device (Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPad) can manage your schedule online and set your services in a few simple steps.

The current trend is to download apps daily to all kinds of activities; leisure, work, entertainment, communication… 2014 Studies 3’8 million apps downloaded daily. This suggests that users and consumers of smartphones use your phone or tablet in very different ways, you could say that the phone today are multitasking; We can carry out several activities at once from your mobile device. Using mobile not only for entertainment but also in the workplace,because nowadays we took the mobile with us everywhere.


Statistics show that the prime time of increased use of apps is from 18.00 to 21.00. This indicates that the increase is related to the free time, however, in these hours there is increased the use of apps related to the workplace. With Pocket Bookitit you’ll be on top of your business 24 hours a day if you wanted it . Will be informed of everything that happens through your mobile phone.

What are the advantages of Bookitit Pocket?

From Bookitit, we designed a visually appealing app for you; our customers. It is functional and daily use.

Using an app is fast and easy. Users can register and then can access easily and quickly. You can register yourself without going to the website and you can start immediately to square your schedule and your agendas from anywhere.

We recover the password option from the first screen of the application, therefore, in the case of forgetfulness on your phone you can perform all management to reclaim your account.

They have simplified tasks like managing appointments. With Bookitit Pocket, you can edit , add and delete appointments from any device, or through the website, events that are conducted online, automated appear in the application interface. It also has a section for displaying appointments per week , very comfortable and useful that lets in the case of cancellation of a customer delete the appointment and automatically have the free space on your booking widget. With Bookitit Pocket You can further customize your schedules and appointments as your work.

We offer new facilities like power filtering agendas or to manage the basic information of your regular customers.  Therefore, you can carry out searches by name, email or number phone. For the first time, people at Bookitit calendar can access more through the app . Bookitit administrator account through a system of restrictions may permit to its employees so they can access through mobile app and view the schedules and clients.

Soon you can download our app Bookitit on your mobile device and use the advantages which offers Bookitit Pocket. We want to keep and retain the trust you place in us and will continue to improve production management to ensure your working hours. With Pocket Bookitit have all the facilities that will provide our management system and appointment booking online and also will provide a new tool to have your business under control 24 hours a day and can improve your time management. For any questions contact us , we will be happy to answer your questions.

Free download for Android and iPhone.