Paddle tennis is a very popular sport all around the world. It is increasingly common to find sports clubs that are dedicated exclusively to paddle tennis. In addition, a large number of paddle tennis courts have been implemented in gyms and other current sports centers, in sports centers and educational complexes, etc. Padel is a sport that can be practiced at any age, being very common among middle-aged people and increasingly common among young people. It covers a very large population segment and although it was originally born as an elitist sport, it has become increasingly democratized and is now available to the majority of the population.


The growing demand for padel court rental services has led to a need for more precise and organized management and administration by paddle establishments. In Bookitit we know that running a business implies dedication and enormous effort, and that it is necessary to address a large number of issues for its prosperity and development. If you want to manage your business successfully and allow your customers to book online, conveniently and easily, do not hesitate to count on us. Our reservation management system will offer you a lot of advantages, storing all the information you need and helping you save time, work and effort. A complete and rigorous software that allows you to configure a whole series of useful tools for your work and for the day to day of your business. From sending messages via email or sms to your customers, to establishing deadlines for possible cancellations.


If reservations are made per couple and you have eight tracks in your paddle club, taking into account that one track is occupied by four players, a total of sixteen couples can book at the same time. The level of the players will also have to be taken into account, since we cannot face a couple of level 1 with another of level 5. The variables are endless and each establishment offers different possibilities. With Bookitit you will have everything under control and you will only have to worry about conditioning the tracks and receiving your customers. We adapt to the needs of your business. There are many sports centers -like Pàdel Cal Monestir in Barcelona- that already have our services and are delighted with the results. What are you waiting for to open an account in Bookitit and make your work much easier?