When the time comes to reopen stores and shops, nothing will be like before, the use of gloves, masks and social distancing, but individual measures will not be enough, our way of going to centers will change, flow control will be a mandatory measure to maintain Security and an online appointment system is ideal for businesses such as beauty centers, barbershops or hairdressers so that they can control customer attendance by assigning a maximum appointments per day and time at their agendas.

In addition to an online scheduling application for beauty centers and hairdressing salons, the centers must take security measures and incorporate new means within the premises to maintain the separation between clients, one of these measures could be the installation of methacrylate protection screens.


These Anti-Contagion screens designed for hairdressers and barbers, help maintain daily activity and prevent the spread of Covid-19. An example is the partitions that can be found at https://www.tusmamparas.com, which are very easy to install and maintain and which also have a washable surface with a damp cloth and alcohol, so that cleaning and disinfection is extremely simple.


As we mentioned in the previous point, incorporating an online calendar system will also help businesses manage their schedule and control the influx of public to the center, with the online scheduling Bookitit users can request the appointment online from the same page from the hairdressing salon or from the instagram or facebook profile of the business and even send the appointment link by whatsapp or email to the clients since the reservation widget is responsive which means that it adapts to smartphones as if from a Appointment app was treated without the need for the client to install anything, the booking arrives in real time at the hairdresser’s calendar and among other multiple functions it has the possibility of setting a daily limit of reservations per day / hour or the Sending appointment reminders to both the center and clients.