The online Reservation and Appointment application Bookitit allows you to configure and adapt all features and functions of our online scheduling application, in order for you to be able to adjust our application perfectly to the needs of your business. We will explain here everything you need to know about how to setup your services for clients, Which will increase customers ease and satisfaction

In the dashboard menu you can enter the service set up by clicking on Service center. Once inside you will see this image.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Below we will highlight the most important features of this configuration.

1. After entering the name and price of the service you are able to enter the amount of time the service will take. In order to organize your services in different categories you can create groups. Click on add/edit group in order to create groups.

You can select if the service will be published on the reservation application which customers can access and use to make reservations on your own web site or Facebook page.

2. The application allows you to offer services that allows several people to make simultaneous reservations in the same or multiple calendars.

Two examples of simultaneous reservations:

-A simultaneous booking means that it occupies multiple calendars.

For example: You receive a booking for a massage for two . To perform this service you will need two employees, in the Bookitit application this will be two calendars. In this case to calendars per employee.

-A simultaneous reservation means you need to set shifts for the same calendar.

For example: Reservation of bath at a Spa’s swimming pool.

The online reservation application allows you to configure how many clients are able to use one service simultaneously. You can also select if this is visual in the online widget, which customers can access on your website or Facebook page, in order to allow a customer to make a multiple booking.

3, Prepaid or not,

If you prefer to have your customers prepay their reservation, fully or part of it. You will have to select this option and enter the amount you would like to receive prepaid. This price will be visible in your online widget.

4. Vouchers and discount coupons

The online reservation application Bookitit allows you to integrate corporate bonds, discount coupon as well as vouchers from Offerum, Groupalia, Groupon and others. Bookitit also offers you the option to create a voucher or discount coupon system customized for your business.

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