43.3% of the world’s websites are hosted on this content management system or CMS. So it is not surprising that you have come to this post looking for an online reservation system for WordPress.

The Bookitit online reservation and appointment management system can be integrated into WordPress in a very simple way so that you can take your business to the digital world from only €15.90 per month. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how step by step or if you prefer, start a FREE trial of Bookitit for 15 days.

How to start managing an appointment with the online reservation system for WordPress?

We will tell you step by step how to integrate Bookitit with your WordPress to start receiving reservations from your clients through your business website. The appointment management system works with a reservation widget from which your clients will choose which service they want to make an appointment for, when they want to go and even pay online.

To integrate the online booking calendar, you must copy the widget code from your Bookitit and paste it into your website. And that’s it.

  1. Sign up with Bookitit to start a free trial for 15 days.
  2. Set up your business appointment calendar. Pointing out opening and closing hours, indicate what services you offer, prices…
  3. Insert the HTML code into your web page. If you don’t know how to do it

If you have questions or need a more extensive Bookitit tutorial, you can access our start wizard to learn how to use the online reservation system in your WordPress and adapt it to your business. If you still have questions, you can also contact us.

How can this booking and appointment management system help you with your business in WordPress?

Bookitit has a long list of features that can help you take your business into the digital environment. Here we tell you some of them but you can read whenever you want all the features of this online reservation system

Synchronize Bookitit with other appointment calendars that you are already using

If you have gotten used to using a calendar in the cloud like Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc., with Bookitit you can continue to do so. Once you register and configure the online reservation system, you will have to access “My Agendas” and in the Agenda you want to configure, check the “Show my appointments in other calendars” box.

Copy the link and paste it into the calendar you are using. If you have any doubts, you can visit the tutorial on synchronizing Bookitit with other calendars.

online booking system synchronized with google calendartema de reservas online sincronizado con google calendar

Send an appointment reminder to your clients

Put an end to forgetfulness and forgetfulness that affect the profitability of your business and the management of your time. Bookitit’s online reservation system allows you to configure an appointment notice for your client.

To use this functionality, all you have to do is configure how far in advance you want to make the reminder and Bookitit will automatically send an SMS or email to you and your client with the information of your appointment. And not only that, you can also configure the sending of other types of notifications such as:

  • The customer makes an appointment
  • An appointment is added from the calendar
  • Change an appointment from the calendar
  • The agenda / My center confirms an appointment
  • The agenda / My center refuses to accept an appointment
  • Customer deletes an appointment

List of clients of your business

Having a list of your business customers is a Bookitit feature that gives you many advantages. To be able to see the list of your clients, you only have to access it from the Bookitit Control Panel. This list is generated automatically as your customers make online reservations on your WordPress website.

The information stored in this list is related to:

  • web access for online reservations or not
  • email
  • phone number
  • name and surname

If you need to add a new client manually from the business itself, you just have to access Bookitit and click on the “New Client” button.

List of Bookitit clients
List of Bookitit clients

Learn more about managing your business’s customer list with Bookitit.

Online prepayment of services reserved from your website

The Bookitit online reservation and appointment management system works with Redsys for online payment management. Through this totally secure online payment system, your clients will be able to pay for the reserved service at the same time they make the reservation.

Setting up the online payment service is very easy. Ask your usual POS provider to give you access to the configuration panel of your account. Once you get access you will have to configure “Online notification”, “Synchronization” and “Sending parameters in URLs”.

Once you have configured your Redsys account, you can access the Bookitit Configuration Panel to connect it with your Redsys.

To learn more about how Bookitit’s online collection management works, you can access the tutorial.

Bookitit’s online reservation system for WordPress helps you save, better manage your time and that of your employees. Profitability is the main objective of all businesses. With Bookitit you can worry about your clients and their experience in your business, while you have everything else automated.