If you would search on Google what a control panel is, You probably will find something like: A tool to change various settings in the configurations of software and hardware. That is why we have created our Bookitit Dashboard, an easy to use control panel that will give you access to all settings of the application.

We think a control panel should be a panel which should bring you to any part of the application with only one click! That is why we offer you Bookitit Dashboard which helps you to manage and control our application in an easy and user friendly way.

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Bookitit’ Dashboard has been developed by customer experience. We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

The Dashboard of the online scheduling application Bookitit has been divided over 3 main groups. These 3 groups helps you to set-up and control all the features of Bookitit in a clear and organized overview.

1. Settings

In this group you will find the basic configurations for the application, here you can manage your online bookings, reservations, appointments and calendars for your business.

  • Opening hours: Manage your opening hours and times and dates when you are able to receive appointments

  • Services: Here you are able to create and edit your services you would like to offer on your online web application.

  • Online reservation Calendar: Use several calenders to manage you online reservations.

  • Holidays:Closed for holidays, or employees with a few days off?? Clear these times and days easily from you Calender.

  • Text and email reminders: Set reminders for you or your customers.

2. Data

Here you can manage all the data that Bookitit records and saves. These data will be saved and translated into easy to read graphs in order to monitor your appointments and customer data. This helps you to set-up targeted promotion campaigns.

  • Client list: Bookitit automatically creates your own client database which is easy to access. Export the list or add your existing database to Bookitit and you are able to work the you want.
  • Reports and Statics: Here you can find information about your clients, announcements, appointments, schedules and services. You can filter the reports so you can easily find the information you are looking for.
  • My center: Here you can change your company information and your bookitit profil settings like for a example set or change your password.
  • Users and profiles: Configure who is able access Bookitit and control their authorization. Let employees manage their own Calendars.

3. Integration

  • Integration: Configure, control and personalize the widget which you can integrate to your website and Facebook page,
  • Payment options: Configure the way of payment that fits your needs and your business.

Try Bookitit for Free!, Try our 15 days trial with all of Bookitit’s features and see how easy and efficient it is to manage your appointments, reservations and calendar online with Bookitit.

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