The Online Reservation Calendar Bookitit is applicable to many different companies in many different sectors. Today we would like to show you how The Phone House (Spain) uses Bookitit for their Phone Reparation service. It is very interesting to see how Bookitit can improve the quality of services and strengthen their customer service.

In this infographic you can see that The Phone House(Spain) have increased their Online Bookings managed with the Online Appointment Calendar Bookitit!

It is very interesting to see that we processed 2% more Appointments for The Phone House Spain in the fist 2 months of 2014 as we did in the whole year of 2012. After 2013 where Bookitit processed 344% more Appointments for The Phone House as in 2012, 2014 appears to turn out to be even more successful as 2013.

In the year 2012 The Phone House Spain implemented the Online Service Appointment Application Bookitit to all its shops in Spain. In 2013 the amount of service appointment increased with an astonishing 344%. In this year (January & February) we have already equaled and exceeded the total number of Appointments of 2012 by 2%.

Since The Phone House Spain has started to offer its clients the option to make online appointments for reparation of their mobile devices, the process has improved in efficiency, which automatically benefits customer service. The online scheduling Application also helped improving internal management and Organization of their employees, which have benefit the productivity.

Companies that offer services like reparations or workshops can create competitive advantages by managing Online Reservations with an Online Scheduling application like Bookitit. Improve the quality of your customer service and customer satisfaction. According to us it is a benefit every business should consider.

So, what are the benefits of managing your Online Calendar with Bookitit?

Struggling with the customer for more then 20 minutes to find a time and date that fit both parties to hand in their mobile phone or tablet, will be history.

– Clients that would like to make an Appointment by phone will not be transferred to other departments. With our Application it is possible to add an appointment manually to your Online Calendar. And you can inform your clients right away by sending them an Email or SMS.

Improved delivery times; By offering the option to let customers make an online appointment, delivery times can be improved. The source or nature of the problem can be added by the customer when he makes the appointment. This helps The Phone House (Spain) to prepare the reparation in order to reduce reparation time, which will improve customer satisfaction.

The Phone House has improved its customer satisfaction by making their repair & customer service more efficient. Waiting times for customers have been reduced and Costs and resources were spared.

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