The online scheduling system Bookitit already has a new functionality where we can perform services with customers through Video Call. The appointments application itself generates the Videoconference link and this is automatically sent to both our customer and the worker (calendar) that offers the service.

The client who has made the reservation receives the link in the notification when he makes the appointment and also in the reminder, on the other hand, the worker (calendar) also receives it by email notifications if they are activated. There is also a button to open the Video call in the appointment that we have in our Bookitit Calendar. It is important to highlight that each Video Call link that is generated for each reservation is unique for each session.

The appointment scheduling service with integrated Video call is made through the Jitsi Meet application which, among other features, allows Videoconferencing with multiple users or the possibility of recording the Video call in a Dropbox account.

To configure this new service offered by the Bookitit reservation system, we only have to follow some very simple steps:

1.-From the Dashboard/My services we create a new service that we are going to call for example “Video Call Service” and we are going to check the option “This is a service offered by video call”.

Service Online scheduling videocall

2.-When one of our clients makes an online appointment, they will receive by email a notification with the summary of the appointment where the Video Call link has been automatically generated by the system.

email online scheduling videocall

3.-Our worker (calendar) can also receive an Email if they have the schedule notifications configured but they also have a button to open the Video call right from the appointment in the Calendar of the online scheduling application Bookitit.

Calendar online scheduling videocall

As simple as that! With just these 3 steps you can already offer your customers the option of booking an appointment and attend them by Videoconference, free  and included in the Bookitit account.

Videocall online scheduling system
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