And there it is! It has been hard work, But today we can proudly present the new website and look of Bookitit!

Online scheduling made easy


Every now and then, we think it is good to have a fresh wind through the company. That is why we think the major updates we have planned for our online scheduler combined would benefit from a refreshment of website and widget. It has been a lot of work but I’m proudly to present to you all novelties that have been developed and created lately from the Bookitit headquarters.

We have created a website that is in our opinion more clearer and has been developed with one goal: Make things easier. Let me take you through the novelties that Bookitit has for you. Our website is now available in Portuguese, Since we are handling more and more appointments of clients with Portuguese as their first language we felt it was time to offer our new clients the service of a product in their first language. Check out our new Portuguese website here. We have updated our pricing plans to be able to offer any type of business an online scheduling system with online those features and product they need. We have divided Bookitit into 3 pricing plans which can be customized with add-ons.


Bookitit standard is the online scheduling system for small and medium sized businesses. Select the number of calendars you need and start with a 15 day free trial. See what Bookitit can do for you during these days and decide after 15 days if Bookitit is your business solution. Bookitit standard is a business solution for beauty salons, health centers and dentists.

Whats in it for you?

* Online scheduling in 3 easy steps! Sign up – Set services and Calendars – Integrate the widget and spread the word!!

* What is a calendar? A Bookitit Calendar is a person, location or resource which can receive appointments and is necessary to preform the requested service.

* Free online scheduling support experts. Our Mission is to make online scheduling easy as it gets, but still clients who end up with question are always free to contact our experts!


Bookitit Multicenter has been created for organizations with multiple locations. Create profiles for your employees and set authority and access. Set administrator for each location and limit their access to their location only. You can access all calendars of each location. Add one online scheduling widget to your website and by location selection the appointment gets synchronized in the right calendar. Make sure your team is aware of the appointment by setting automated appointment notifications. Bookitit is developed to make your business more productive!

Whats in it for you?

More appointment management capacity for larger companies A single control panel for all appointments and calendars Unlimited administrators and users for each location.

BOOKITIT CUSTOM Bookitit custom is for large organizations with specific wishes and budgets. We can create an online scheduling system made for your business. Our team is capable of translating your wishes into a scheduling product. Don’t hesitate and tell us what your business needs.

Check out two examples of  Bookitit custom, The Phone House and Mercedes-Benz have found a reliable partner in Bookitit for the management of their appointments. Check out the scheduling widgets of both businesses in real life. Mercedes-Benz & The Phone house

Bookitit add-ons!

Because we know, no business is the same, we prefer to give our clients the opportunity to put a system together that is really working for their business.

You can add Bookitit API and two new products to your online scheduling system to customize Bookitit for you business. We are proudly presenting Bookitit 360! Bookitit 360 makes online scheduling complete. By using bookitit 360 you’ll be offering appointments in every thinkable way and it will stay automated, which will make you work more efficient.


Don’t miss out on any appointment.

Your reception will be open 365 days a year and 24/7 hours a day.

Take appointments on Facebook,

Your website and in person.

Nothing new I hear you say? Correct! Bookitit 360 is an automated phone system which will answer the phone for you. Your client can make an appointment by phone and the appointment will show up in the same online calendar as your other online or offline appointments. Manage all appointments in one system. Accept appointments by phone without a person handling the phone. All appointments managed by the automated phone system are integrated into your online calendar. All appointments in one online scheduling system. Close the circle and increase the volume of appointments with Bookitit 360! More info? Click here

BOOKITIT API Personalize and customize the online scheduling system Bookitit to the wishes of your business. The API is available for Programmers and web developers to adjust and customize Bookitit to the corporate identity of your business.