Being in good physical shape is essential for today and tomorrow’s health. Practicing sport improves your physical appearance, helps you look attractive and provides vitality and self-confidence. Today, going to the gym has become a more than usual practice among people of all ages. Fitness has been enshrined as a successful business thanks to the growing and incessant demand and there are more and more gyms both in the big cities and in the suburbs. Gyms often offer both common services based on the use of the facilities by the user in an autonomous way as well as other types of activities that require the intervention of a monitor and the provision of a specific space and material for its development. Swimming, zumba, spinning, G.A.P, body-pump, HIIT, pilates, yoga … the possibilities that today’s gyms offer are multiple and varied.


As the range of activities expands and the number of customers increases, management work becomes complicated. That’s why at the online agenda Bookitit we want to help you manage all the necessary information for the proper functioning of your gym. Our reservation management system allows you to set parameters based on the relationship between supply and demand, limiting access to reservations when the maximum number of customers who can access a certain service has already been reached. For example, if in a Spinning class we have fifteen stationary bicycles – without the one on the monitor- only a maximum of fifteen customers can book at the same time. In addition, we offer you the possibility of setting limits on the cancellation deadlines for reservations, preventing customers from canceling their reservation when, for example, less than 24 hours are left for the activity to be carried out in your sports center.


Bookitit is a essential tool for the management of your gym, which will make your administrative tasks notoriously easier. Count on us and have a flexible reservation system adaptable to all kinds of needs, which you can configure according to your interests and that will allow you to speed up the reservation procedures, guaranteeing a correct communication with customers and saving you time and effort . Have the schedules and agendas of all your workers controlled, creating different profiles – monitors, receptionists, etc. – and associating them with the different activities of your center. Our software offers you the possibility of sending notifications to your customers to keep them informed about the latest news or in the case that there is any unexpected occurrence … And all this just by configuring the system very quickly and easily! Many sport centres, such as Zentia Sports, already work with us and are fully satisfied.