Now a days everyone is online and in our daily routines we use Television, Tablets, Laptops and mobile phones, and most of them are connected to the Internet. Our shopping behavior also moves towards Internet. The Internet is one big shopping street with shops full of our favorite brands and products, or we’re just wondering around for some bargains on websites with secondhand products. this onlinification helps us to make our lives easier.

With the online reservation and scheduling application, Bookitit, it is possible to offer your services, like doctors appointments, haircut appointments, dentist appointments, Online to your clients. Your audience is online, so why shouldn’t you be?

However, Not everybody makes his beauty appoint by phone or online, Some just pass by and enter your salon to make an appointment. Does this mean you would need an online and offline calendar? No, you don’t! With Bookitit’s fast view you are able to add offline appointments or reservations to your online calendar. Don’t worry, it is easy and we will explain how it works.

Fast view, Enter quick and easily offline appointments to your Calendar.

Bookitit, the online appointment and reservation application, has been developed in order to offer your clients the possibility to book your services online (Eg, a doctors appointment). The online reservation and appointment application can be easily added to your website or Facebook page with our widget. This makes your calender completely automatic and is available on almost any device with an Internet connection.

However, Some clients prefer to make appoints on location or by phone. For this scenario we have created the fast view option in your Calendar overview. With the fast view option you can easily add an offline appointment. This offers you the opportunity to have an online Calendar which is always accessible. Together with our other features, for example our online customer database, you will have everything you need in one online application.

The fast view page shows you at a glance which hours are available, lets see how we can add an offline appointment to your online calendar.

This process is very simple:

1. Go to Fast view in your Calendar.

2. Pick the service.

3. Pick the Calendar: (Eg, an employee, particular room, tanning machine, etc.) Responsible for the executing the requested service of the customer.

4. Pick time and date: The online booking application shows you all the available times and date for this service. All you have to do is pick the time and date that fits you and your customer.

5. Add customer data to your database.

After you finished adding the reservation or appointment it will be automatically synchronized to your online calendar. In your online calendar, this time and date will now be unavailable to your online customers who are using the widget. The data of the offline client will also be automatically added to your online database.

We like to make it easy as possible for you! If you like to stay on top of the developments and updates of Bookitit or would you like to keep in touch with us, click on one of the images below to contact us!

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