We know that the most important thing for a clinic is to take care of patients’ health and guarantee them a personalized treatment. Therefore, we invite you to count on us. From Bookitit we can help you manage all your appointments and save time and effort. Our scheduling system offers you endless possibilities and is ideal for businesses like yours, in which the control of schedules and agendas is essential. From setting up a calendar to designing different professional profiles – for example, the doctor, the nurse, the secretary, etc. In addition, it allows you to set default messages for your clients in case the doctor is on leave or unable to attend the patients for any reason. In the case that it is the patient who wants to cancel, and you want to be notified in advance, we allow you to set the parameters you want and we will inform the client through email or SMS.


Our scheduling management program allows you to keep everything under control. It is an ideal system for dental clinics, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, reproductive health and any other type of clinic that requires an administration of working time. You will not have to worry about anything but your patients. Also in the case of veterinary clinics, in Bookitit we can help you keep everything under control. If the same client has several pets, and wants to check the health of his cat and his dog at the same time, you can find out through Bookitit if there is availability for both to be attended, taking into account the number of doctors who are free in that moment.


In this way, our software allows you to configure the different agendas of your employees so that the times of entry and exit and holiday periods can be taken into account when making the reservation. If a dental clinic has two hygienists and a single dentist, the client can book a cleaning service at an hour when one of the hygienists is available, even if the doctor is not. However, if it is a larger treatment, the presence of the doctor will be needed and the patient will have to wait until he or she is available. Therefore, our scheduling program allows you to link the different professional profiles of your business to certain services or functions, building an online organization chart that greatly facilitates the day to day of your work. Count on us and dedicate yourself only to do your job, we will take care of the rest. Many clinics around the world – such as the physiotherapy clinic Monjardín, or Imeba aesthetic medical center – are already doing so and are fully satisfied!