iphone_loginThe mobile application it is available now for iOS and Android. The wait is worth it and now you can use your booking system and appointment also for your mobile devices, tablets… How to do it? If you are iPhone, go to the App Store, write Bookitit and immediately you can register and have your app on your mobile devices. If you are Android access into your Play Store Area and search for the app Bookitit. Quickly and easily you can enter your account Bookitit, but if you aren’t already a user of the online platform , you can register in just two steps and start configuring your system online appointment booking from anywhere.

What are the advantages of using Bookitit’s app? Our app is focused on business and not the end customer. It is designed in a very visual and attractive innovations and features to make it a functional app and be used daily, “Bookitit Pocket becomes your working tool”.

Using an app is fast and easy. Users can register and then access easily and quickly (data are remembered, so saving time). You can register yourself without going to the website and you can start immediately to square your schedule and your agendas from anywhere.

We give you de option of recovering the password option from the first screen of the application, therefore, in the case of forgetfulness on your phone you can perform all management to reclaim your account.

We have simplified tasks like managing appointments. With Bookitit’s app, you can edit, add and delete appointments from any device, or through the website, events that are conducted online, automated appear in the application interface. It also has a section for displaying appointments per weekvery comfortable and useful that lets in the case of cancellation of a customer delete the appointment and automatically have the free space on your booking widget. You can further customize your schedules and appointments as your work.

We offer you new facilities like power filtering agendas or to manage the basic information of your regular customers with the list of customers. you can carry out searches by name, email or phone. 

For the first time, more people can access at Bookitit’s calendar through the app. Bookitit’s administrator account through a system of restrictions may issue permits to its employees so they can access the mobile app and view the schedules and clients.

Download our Bookitit’s app on your mobile and start enjoying the advantages it offers you. We want to keep and retain the trust you place in us and will continue to improve production management to ensure your working hours. With Bookiti, you have all the facilities that will provide our management system and appointment booking online and also will provide a new tool to have your business under control 24 hours a day and can improve your time management.
For any questions contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.