As a beauty salon owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on improving your Business. Your expertise is hair, nails, skin care or what service you offer. But how should you promote yourself online and which business tools can help you improve and streamline your business?

That is why we would like to introduce you to some Business tools which will increase productivity of your salon. These easy-to-use tools will make your way of working more streamlined, It will make things easier for you and your clients.

Online Calendar

As we mentioned before on our blog, Paper have had its days. Your appointment book is out dated. It causes confusion, inconvenience for your clients and the worst of them all, Double bookings.

It is just a simple step to Set up an online Calendar which is web-based, set an appointment book for each employee and manage it from any device which has an Internet connection. It takes you less than 5 minutes and the gain you will have from it is worth it.

Add your appointments manually, and see which hours are free while you are on the phone with a client who wants to book an appointment. It will benefit you and your clients.

Read all about the possibilities of an online Calendar here.

Online Scheduling

Are you a Beauty salon owner? consider online scheduling! It creates customer loyality, it easily attracts new clients and it makes your business more efficient.

What an online scheduler basically does is offering the opportunity to your clients to book their appointments online. You can place a online scheduling widget on your website and Facebook page and with just a few steps they can book an appointment. Your reception is now open 24/7. You can work with one calendar, you can add your offline appointments to your online calendar and these hours will not be available for online booking anymore.

Set the available hours, Set notifications messages to prevent no-shows and have appointments prepaid. Many salon owners preceded you. The offering and managing of online appoinments is getting more and more popular. Read more

Tip! Would you like to keep your afternoon available for walk ins, block these hours and they will not show up in your Online Scheduling widget.

Client Database

A client database is a useful tool if you would like to communicate your promotional campaigns to your clients. To create customer loyality add personalized information to their client data so they don’t have to explain their wishes every time.

With a client database you have a marketing tool and a CRM tool in one.

Online promotion campaigns

Receive coupons and discount vouchers like Groupon codes or create them yourself! It is an easy way to promote yourself and to attract new clients. By creating your own promotion campaign you have all control! read our tip for beauty salons!

Tip! If you use an Online Scheduling Widget and you create your own discount voucher campaign, set the times when the vouchers are valid. Stimulate your none-saturated hours with promotional campaigns for the early morning hours. Giving discounts to clients might stimulate them to come on “for them” less convenient hours.

Analyze to Improve

The advantage of working with online appointments and online calendars is that you are able to record data which can be very valuable for the planning of your promotional campaigns, see which services are popular and learn about your clients.

Correct and detailed information helps you to promote a service over  another and to target your marketing activities.

Would you like to have all these features in one Online Business Tool? Try Bookitit, The Online Scheduling Application for Beauty salons and Hairdressers, 15 days for free!

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