In Bookitit we know how important it is to be on the agenda and to meet all the requests and needs of our customers in a satisfactory way. Therefore, our booking management system has not ceased to be renewed since its inception. Now, through Bookitit you can set a maximum number of appointments per day for a given agenda (employee, room, booth, track…). The latest news from Bookitit help you to manage your business agendas better, avoiding possible unforeseen events and speeding up the daily operation of your business.

For example, if you have a hairdressing business and the services of one of your workers is more demanded than the rest, this option will allow you to limit the number of clients that he or she can attend in the same day, preventing the accumulation of customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction. If you have a clinic that counts with three nurses and a doctor, you can establish a maximum number of appointments with the doctor, taking into account that nurses cannot attend the same patients’ needs, determine a diagnosis or prescribe a medication. With this innovation we want to get even closer to you and your business needs, guaranteeing a totally comfortable, effective and satisfying management experience.