Every day there are more business which allow their costumers to make appointments with their services in an online way. But it is not only the private sector which can enjoy this. Also public administration can obtain the online booking system that Bookitit offers and which has been developed last years.

Thanks to improvement and progress in computerization, public administration can make advantage of this system which enable to create online appointments. Although nowadays there is still a small part of the citizenship without advanced technological knowledges, there are increasingly more people, companies and administrations which need a handy and simple system that can help them to speed up their work.

Why is it important to make this change? Very simple. First, this software speeds up procedures in a meaningful way. Different public administrations that are already using this system have improved with the management of their appointments. Another advantage is the saving of time. This bureaucratic process disappears, it gets computerized and it doesn’t depend on the workers anymore. Confort is another of the fundamental factors that support the incorporation of this system. Busy people or people with reduced mobility find this system the best option because of its adaption to their needs.


Bookitit presents the option to, for example, town and city councils, to configure a completely computerized schedule in which it is possible to input the differents services offered to the citizenship and which have costumer support. This way, according to the availability of each worker, the system offers automatically the possibilities of available appointments. Quick and easy.
So, making appointments of procedures related to registration, travel cards, social service, building permits, comercial, industrial or mercantile activities, etc. will be done on a whole computerized way. Furthermore, also municipal sports centers or courts can be benefited. A better organization about available schedules and areas is possible.

The outcome: Administration and citizenship satisfied.

To begin, the town or city council must have the Bookitit widget on their website. Once it’s incorporated, citizens will be able to enter and book an online appointment among the different procedures it offers. After this, the citizen will select the day he or she wants to get the appointment. This way, the system will offer the schedule possibilities which has been previously configured by the administration according each worker’s availability. Before finishing the booking it will be necessary to introduce some personal information as the name, the e-mail or the telephone number. The software enable user restriction options and the possibility of establish a limited number of appointments from the same IP adress to guarantee a better security.