Every year a crowd of young people join a driving school to have the freedom that a driving license can grant them. The centres are more and more overbooked and because of that it is more difficult to coordinate schedules and to manage the lessons of all the students.

Having control of your students lessons, the payments and their schedules is something insignificant when you have an online booking system. If you incorporate Bookitit in your driving school you will have a booking calendar in which will be automatically updated every lesson with your students, you will have a list with all your clients with a record of all their lessons and, besides, you will have control of all done payments and the outstandings.

This way, your students will be able to book online a lesson in your driving school the day and hour they want to. They will be only shown the availability of your centre or of your teachers particulary, because of the opening hours of your centre or because of the occupied hours by other clients who have already made their booking.

With this method, teachers won’t have to bother about adjusting schedules of their week anymore, because in the booking calendar will appeoar automatically all the appointments he or she has with their students. Furthermore, one of the fuctionalities of Bookitit is to establish a minimum time of anticipation to make the booking. In this way, teachers of the driving school will know beforehand the amount of driving lessons thay have throughout the day.

On the other side, the possibility to cancel the appointment is other of the beneficial functionalities of Bookitit. With this option, if a client decides not to go to the lesson he or she has already booked, he or she will be able to cancel it so other student can have a lesson at this hour. In case that the client decides to cancel the lesson, a notification will be sent to the centre to inform about the modification in the calendar.

Once the client has made the booking of a lesson with your driving school, it will be sent a notification to him or her through e-mail or SMS with the time in advance that you will have previously set up. This way, and with the possibility of cancelation, absences will be reduced and waste of time avoided.

Likewise, in the booking calendar it is possible to indroduce the collection data of the lesson of each student. So, in the section Invoicing, it will be appeared reflected all done payments of the students besides the outstandings. Also, the client can make the payment of the lesson in the moment of the booking with the prepayment system with Paypal or Stripe. This option can be set up from the dashboard of Bookitit. With this system the lessons payment will be assured and the management of them will be more simple.
How to book a lesson?

So your clients can make an online booking of a lesson, firstly it will be necessary to incorporate the Bookitit widget in you website or in your Facebook page or Instagram profile. Once this is done, your clients will be able to access to the services you offer, which in this case would be: car lessons, motorbike lessons, etc.

When the clients has already selected the service they want, it will be shown to them the different agenda -the teachers- to which the services will be assignated. This way, the clients will be able to choose which teacher will teach their next driving lesson. Once this is selected, the clients will choose the day and hour they want to do the lesson depending on the availability of the centre or the teacher.

Before concluding the booking, in case that the prepayment option is available, the clients will be able to pay the amount of the lesson. The last step constists in filling some personal information as name, surname, e-mail or telephone number.

The booking will appear automatically in the Bookitit online booking and appointment system and will synchronize with the rest of the appointments.