Promote yourself Online!

If you are a local store, small business, health or beaty center it will be a waste of money to invest a lot of money in adwords to be in the top google search results of keywords that are relevant to your business. However promoting yourself online can improve your turnover and create customer loyalty. Today we have for you some cheap solutions for small business owners and (self-employed) Entrepreneurs which can help improve your business.

Facebook Fan Page

For smaller and local Businesses Facebook has a lot to offer. In just a few minutes you can create your own Business page. It is an easy way to connect with your (potential) customers, post promotional campaigns and create customer loyalty. Using Facebook as Business tool has one rule you should keep in mind, Facebook is not the same as twitter, Facebook is generally used for personal purposes which can make your advertisement look like Spam. It could result in the opposite reaction from your audience. Don’t overreact with the amount of post on Facebook and make it personal.

Create a Free Website

Would you like a more professional platform with none or little investment? Try one of the free or cheap website builders. These website builders offer you easy to build websites which can be adjusted to your wishes in easy steps. Ideal for those entrepreneurs who have little or none web developing skills. We have selected 4 Website builders who offer a free website: WordPress, Jimdo, Wix and Weebly.

How to use my Website?

A website should make things easier for your customers. If you own a shop or service center, it should be an extension of your brick and mortar shop. Make sure clients can find the info they could be looking for. Don’t hide your contact information and make sure the location of your physical store is easy to find.

Make your services easier to sell!

Webshops are a common thing nowadays. Products available in all flavors and in general cheaper as they are in the stores, the fear of every shop owner. But how to use your website if you offer services, how can a website improve sales for hairdressers, language schools, consultants and beauty and health centers?

Move your point of sale (POS)

If you offer services you can move your POS forward to your website! If a potential client lands on your website and you win his interest, offer him the option to make an appointment on your website instead of forcing the potential customer to visit your store or contact you by phone. It will take away a big step in the customer’s purchase decision.

Add an Online Scheduler to your Website

An Online Scheduler manages your appointments Online. All you have to do is select your opening hours, add the services you offer and place an Online Scheduling widget on your website. Your customers make their appointments on your website and the appointments will be managed in your Online Calendar. Your reception will be open 24/7!

Besides managing your Online Appointment, the Online Scheduling application Bookitit offers you more business tool which make your business more efficient. Bookitit creates, manages and visualizes your client database, it allows you to create promotional campaigns and reduces no-show appointments. Click here to try it for free! Click on the image below to learn more about the tools Bookitit offers.

How to add Bookitit on my Website & Facebook page?

Creating and managing a website is a technical task. Weebly, Wix, Jimdo and WordPress made it very easy to do it yourself and save you the money you otherwise would have spend on web developers. Would you like to add an Online Scheduler on your website click on the image of the web builder you’re using and you will find a step by step tutorial on how to add Bookitit on your website.

Tutorial: Integrate Bookitit & Jimdo

Tutorial: Integrate Bookitit & Weebly

Tutorial: Integrate Bookitit & Wix

Tutorial: Integrate Bookitit & WordPress

Try Bookitit 15 days for free! Let’s get started!

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