Appointments and hair salons are inextricably linked to each other. But what is the best way to manage your appointments and how to get more of them.

A hair salon usually has two types of clients. The ones with booked appointments and the walk-ins. So the trick is to manage these two types of clients in the best possible way!

As a salon owner and hairdresser, your appointment book is the most important thing there is. Your earnings are in this book and it shows you what your day will be like. But there is an easier way to do is.

New techniques can help you tremendously. That is why we think that Bookitit is the perfect tool for a hair salon to manage Calendar and the scheduling of appointments. With Bookitit you will work in a web-based calendar which allows you to receive online appointments from your clients. You and your co-workers are able to manage, change and add appointments to your calendar from any device that is connected to the Internet. Bookitit has several features in one web-based application that will be useful for your hair salon. I will explain the most important features for hair salons here, but if you would like to see all of the features, click here.

Online Scheduling for hair salons

What can online scheduling do for you?

An Online Scheduling application for Hair salons manages your appointments, with Bookitit your reception is open 24/7. Integrate the online appointment widget into your website and facebook page and start receiving appointments right away.  Bookitit allows you to set your online booking application to the wishes and demands of your salon. Make your business more efficient with Bookitit!

* You control and set the available hours

* Add offline appointments manually (Easy and synchronized)

* Set prepayment for services

* Set holidays in less than a minute

* Accept or create discount vouchers

* Block hours (Block Saturday afternoon hours for walk-ins)

* Cancel appointments

* Set automated notifications (Appointment reminders, cancellations or changes in appointment details)

Customize bookitit to your wishes! We have developed bookitit to fit any type of business! Try Bookitit 15 days free!

Online Calendar for hair salons

Set for each employee a calendar, this way your clients are able to book an appointment with their preferred hairdresser. Would you like to have your afternoons appointment free to be able to serve walk-ins? Block these hours in your calendar with a simple click and they will not appear in the online booking widget. With “Bookitit fast view” you can add an appointment manually in just a few seconds. Read more about the Bookitit calendar here.

Remember customer’s preferences with our client data base

Impress your clients by knowing their likes and dislikes, it is the most easy way to gain loyality, use the client database to save client preferences. Each client who makes an online appointment is saved in your database. You can import your current client database and give them web-access so they can make appointments online. After their first appointment it will be easier for them to make appointments with you, because their login information is stored in the database, With an online scheduling system for your salon, you will be ahead of your competing colleagues.

Try it for free

We believe in a try before you buy policy! Try the online scheduling application for hair salons 15 days for free and see how it can help your business to grow and to become more efficient. Lets get started!

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to help you with all your questions about online scheduling or Bookitit.