The bicycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle and it is also beneficial for human health. It is powered by propulsion and involves muscular effort and physical exercise for those who use it. Today there are more than a billion bicycles in the world. Businesses related to the world of cycling have enormous solvency taking into account the constant demand for buying and selling or repairing services. Whether as a conveyance or as a tool for leisure and sport, the use of the bike has not decreased at all. Bicycle workshops undoubtedly constitute a safe business and provide a fundamental service for the maintenance of velocipedes.


It is increasingly common to extend the life cycle of the objects we use in our daily lives. The logic of environmentalism and vintage fashion have led to the use of old bikes -even inherited from other generations- that require a repair process to start. The trade of bicycle workshop is the main beneficiary of this phenomenon and it is increasingly common to find this type of business on the street. Our online schedule management system is ideal to manage the appointments of the clients of your bike workshop, since it allows you to organize the information in a comfortable and effective way, establishing the parameters that you consider convenient and configuring the workshop reservation application in a way that adapted to the needs of your business.


With the online appointment system Bookitit, you only have to worry about what is really important and you can put all your efforts into repairing your clients’ bikes. If you have multiple employees, you can create an agenda for each of them and associate them with the services they provide. For example, if one of them is an expert in mountain bikes, the client who wants to repair his mountain bike may book an appointment within the time slot corresponding to your employee’s schedule. In this way you will ensure that everything is under control and that your customers are fully satisfied, avoiding unwanted incidents. Many bicycle studios, such as Mammoth Bikes, already have our services and are fully satisfied.