More and more organizations in training and educational sector manage their reservation of courses online. Institutions like Language schools, driving schools and other training centers experience growth through the possibilities of online marketing. A growing amount of institutions see the opportunities and benefits of managing their course reservation online to improve their results.

In the next infographic you can see the growth and forecast of language schools and other educational centers who manage their course reservation online with Bookitit.

So far this year, Bookitit has already managed 50% of the total amount of 2013 in online reservations and bookings for organizations in the training and educational sectors. For the coming quarters we expect a significant growth in online reservations and bookings compared to 2013. Among these organization in these sector are Language schools, driving schools and other training and information centers.

Nowadays students or potential customers who are interested in training or courses will search the Internet for information and prices. With the online scheduling application Bookitit, you are able to offer these searching customers the possibility to book the courses they want directly from your webpage. For more and more Language schools, driving schools it becomes clear that online scheduling improves the quality that can be offered to the customers but also improves the results.

Since 2012 Bookitit offers an online course reservation application to Educational and training institutions like language schools and driving schools. Since then more and more of these organization have trusted Bookitit with their online scheduling of their Reservation and Bookings

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