In the same way that the Bookitit online booking system adapts perfectly to the needs of a health centre or of a hospital, it also adapts to a health centre for our pets. If you have a veterinary centre and your business has got online presence, the way to manage organized all your clients and the appointment with their pets is, with any doubt, getting an online booking and appointment system as Bookitit.

If you have a Bookitit account you count with the opportunity of having a list with all the clients who has been in your centre. In this list it will be shown their personal information and a record with all their visits.

Besides, you will offer your clients a very simple way to establish an appointment with your centre to bring their pets. The principal advantage of an online booking system is the booking ease and comfort both for your clients and for you. It is a process in which you do not have to do anything. You stop worrying about your telepjone and all the appointments appear in your booking calendar automatically. You will only have to make the corresponding previous configurations so that the clients can book correctly.

That means that you will have to introduce from the Bookitit Dashboard the opening hours of your veterinary centre, all the services that you offer, the calendars and their corresponding schedules and vacations, etc.

For example, the services of your veterinaty centre could be: revision, vaccines, deworming, etc. About the calendars, this would be the different veterinarians who work in your centre and that have independent schedules. Besides, to each agenda it is possible to assign different services.

The functionalities that Bookitit presents are diverse and variated, that is why the configuration options are so detailes: you can costumize the notifications for your clients, establish a prize for each service, establish the time in advance of the bookings for the appointments for each service, send reminders to your clients about their appointments, make charfes and managing the invoicing from the invoicing panel of the application, and much more.

So that it is possible the online booking process by your clients, first you will have to integrate the widget or the independent links to your website or in your social networks (both Facebook or Instagram).
How do my clients book?

After configuring all the schedules, services, agendas, and other functionalities, your clients will be able to make online appointments with your veterinary centre. First, they will have to choose any service that you offer.

In cas that this service is offered by online one agendam this will be selected automatically and the clients will choose directly the day and time of their appointment. However, if the service is offered by several agendas, the clients will proceed to choose the agenda they want to attend their pet.

Once the clients have chosen the agenda, they will have to choose the day and time of the appointment. The shown options will be available in real team. That is, it will be taken into account the opening hours of the centre, the agenda’s schedule, the time intervals between appointments configured by the agenda, and the bookings from other clients.

When the clients have selected the date in which they want to bring their pets to your centre, they will have to introduce some personal information before completing the booking. These are the name, the telephone and the e-mail, in case it is a new user. If the clients already has an account, they will have to introduce online their e-mail and password.

Once the booking is finished, an e-mail or SMS will be sent to the client confirming that the appointment has been made successfully. The appointment will appear automatically in yout booking calendar. But, if what you prefer is to have the option of confirming or rejecting the appointment before this is included in the booking calendar, you can configure it in this way. So, the client will receive another e-mail or SMS notifying your confirmation or rejection of the appointment.

As a method to avoid absenteeisms, you will be able to send reminders of the appointments to your clients with the time of advance that you configure previously. Besides, the client will also have the option to modify or cancel the appointment. In this wat, if finally the clients cannot attend the appointment, they can cancel it and gave it up to another person.