Functions and features

Discover the functions of our online booking system and appointment management. Know why Bookitit is the tool you need to manage your business

Notification through e-mail and SMS

Online booking

Receive the online bookings of your clients in real time or insert the ones which have been done face to face or by telephone in the Bookitit calendar


Manage schedules, agendas, services, clients, billing, bonuses, payment gateways, online booking, notification, anticipation and much more

Online booking

Integrate the widget in your webste, Facebook page or Instagram profile, from where your clients will do the booking

Notification through e-mail and SMS

Set up what kind of notification for the appointments you want both your clients and you receive: through e-mail or SMS

Receive bookings of several people at the same time and same agenda

For example: training classes, pilates classes or cycling indoor classes

Several people at the same time

You can set up how many appointments you want to receive for the same time in an agenda. For example: 20 bookings from 9:00 to 10:00 for the same class

Management of several centres

With the Multicentre version of Bookitit you can manage different individual accounts from a higher dashboard

Bank holidays and locks

Set up the bank holidays for each agenda and insert emergency locks from the calendar to not receive any online appointment the hours or days you want

Clients list

Follow up every data, booking history and your clients comments. You can also block clients from the list

Billing, charges, expenses…

Billing and charges

Manage the booking charges, control expenses and clients debts with the billing module

Bonuses management

Generate bonuses with several sessions for your clients and know the consume state of each one of them

Statistic and reports

The reports and statistic system of Bookitit allows you to be updated about everything that happens in your business (how many appointments have been made in a month, how many cancellations…)

Online prepayment

Let your clients pay the appointment online in the same moment they book by synchronizing your account with Paypal or Stripe

Receive your clients bookings from your Facebook page and Instagram profile

Access permission for workers

Create different access roles for your employees from where to establish edit or visualization permissions for the calendar, agenda, appointments, etc., by creating profiles and assigning them to the agendas depending on your needs

Bookings through Instagram

Let your clients book through your Instagram profile placing the direct link to your Bookitit booking widget

Bookings through Facebook

Incorporate the Bookitit booking widget in your Facebook page and your clients will be able to make online appointments from here

Synchronize with calendars

Connect and synchronize Bookitit with other calendars as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, etc. Use it as a backup of yout appointments

Establish different prices in the services depending on the day and hour of the booking

Set up the advance

Decide the anticipation time for your clients to make an appointment, cancel it or see the availability of your agenda

Notification personalization

Personalize the notification texts that will be sent to your clients through SMS or e-mail, include a link, show your logo, etc.

Confirmed appointments

You can receive a booking request and confirm it or reject it depending on your interest. The confirmation or rejection will be notified to the client that made the online booking

Different prices depending on the day/hour

Establish different prices for the same service depending on the day and hour in which the booking is offered