Dental clinics are centers that need to manage a large volume of appointments and keep proper control of agendas to guarantee good service. The Bookitit appointment schedule for dental clinics is a good option if you are looking for a tool that has everything for a very affordable price.

You can start managing the appointment of your dental clinic from €15.90 per month, but let’s see why you really need it.

Appointment calendar for dental clinics with multiple calendars and services

An agenda is a resource. Within a dental clinic this translates into a dentist, a consultation room or even an x-ray machine.

We know that a dental clinic has different types of service and that there may also be more than one dentist or consultation rooms. Whether this is the case or if your dental clinic is smaller, Bookitit offers you a solution adapted to your needs that will also not cost you more.

Bookitit’s rates for dental clinics that need multiple calendars are designed to help you save money. If you contract Bookitit, 1 agenda will cost you €15.90 per month, but if you need 2 agendas it will cost you €26.26 per month and if you need to manage 3 appointment agendas, €28.56. The more agendas, the more savings.

Dental services and employee category

How do you need to manage your center? With Bookitit you can assign different management levels to your dentists or dental hygienists. In this way they can control their own agendas independently or you can choose to have reception or customer service who manages this centrally for each agenda.

Calculate the price of your appointment schedule for Bookitit dental clinics here.

Control appointment reminders to reduce absenteeism in your dental clinic

Last-minute forecasts can happen and that in a dental clinic implies a mismatch in the management of resources. The Bookitit appointment schedule helps you reduce appointment cancellations and manage your resources more efficiently.

The Bookitit appointment schedule allows you to send notifications of appointment reminders by SMS or by email, with the advance notice you choose and in an automated way. Imagine you want to remind a patient of their annual oral health check-up appointment. You just have to choose how far in advance you want to send the reminder and how far in advance you want to receive it.

You can also program the advance with which your patients can request a new appointment, cancel it or see the availability of the agenda.

Managing time and resources more efficiently is possible with Bookitit.

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Do you have several dental clinics? Choose a multicenter account to manage the appointment schedule

If you have different dental clinics and need to manage appointments independently with Bookitit, you can contract the Multicenter account.

With this type of account, each dental clinic has its own appointment calendar with the option of multiple agendas and services, independently. But this does not mean that you cannot manage all of them in a centralized way.

If you need to keep a general control of the global dental appointments and the list of patients of all your clinics, with the Bookitit appointment schedule for dental clinics you can do it in a unified way.