Our pets are part of our family and as everyone, they also need some special cares, and what a better place than a dog groomer centre to tidy the most hairy of our house. Today we are going to present the Bookitit online bookings system adapted to dog groomer centres.

Managing the appointments with all your clients is so much simple if you do it online. This allows you to forget about the telephone and to have a better organization. With the Bookitit online appointment system your clients will be able to book an appointment through your website or social media (Facebook or Instagram) to bring their pets to your centre. Besides, you will know with anticipation what kind of sevice they need. To do it, you will only have to configure all the services you offer in your Bookitit account and asign them a price. For example: shower, yorkshire haircut, labrador haircut, german sheperd haircut, etc.

Besides, you can also introduce all the employees you have with their corresponding schedules. In this way, your clients will only be able to book on available times.

One of the functionalities of Bookitit which is very usefull for the dog groomers sector is the possibility to generate bonuses. With our online booking system you can create bonuses of the amount of sessions you want to for your clients. Every time a client books, the available sessions will be discounting by themselves and you will be able to see it through your Bookitit account.
You also will be able to control the invoicing through our online booking system. That is to say, you will know in detail every charges, expenses, debts and even your cash desk movements of your business. Through your Bookitit account and inside the invoicing panel you will be abkle to generate the tickets of the services charges for your clients. Besides, you don’t have only the option of introducing the amount of the chosen service, but also you can introduce extra charges. For example, if a client buys a shampoo for dogs that you sell in your centre, you can introduce it in the ticket and it will be reflected on the charges list inside the invoicing panel of the application.

For your clients it is also a very simple option to make appointments because it is more quickly that calling by telephone and it can be made at any time of the day. Besides, to avoid absenteeisms, one of the functionalities that Bookitit offers is to send notifications with the time in advance that you want to your clients through e-mail or SMS. And, on the other side, if the client finally cannot go to his or her appointment with the pet, he or she can cancel or modify the booking. This functionality is very usefull to avoid dead hours in your centre. So, if the client cancels an appointment, another person can go instead of the first one.

How do my clients book?

So that your clients can make online appointments with your centre, first you will have to integrate the Bookitit widget or the independent links in your website or in your social networks (Facebook or Instagram). Once you have it integrated, your clients will be able to start the booking process.

First, they will select the service they want to, and which you will have previously configured in your Bookitit account. When they have chosen the service, they will select the day and time in which they want to go to your centre. They will be shown the available times according to the opening hours of your centre and the calendar’s schedule. Besides, the time interval between available appointment times will be prevoiusly configured from the online booking system’s Dashboard.

When they have chosen the day and time, the clients will have to fill some personal information, such as their name, telephone and e-mail. This way, the booking process is concluded and a notification will be sent to the client to confirm that the booking has been done successfully.