From now on you can alreadu integrate the payment gateway of your own Bank with your online scheduling sysyem’s account through Redsys. In this way, your clients are able to make an online payment in advance of the booking (the 100% of the service’s cost or a lower percentage as a signal of the online booking) and synchronize this payment with your own account.

Most of the spanish banks are included inside the Redsys network. If you have doubts about you bank working with the Redsys system, you can look for more information here. In such case that your bank isn’t included with Redsys yet, you have other options to integrate a payment gateway with Bookitit through Paypal or Stripe.


How to configure my Bookitit account with Redsys?

Step 1

First, you will have to access to the configuration panel of your Redsys account. This access must be provided by your TPV provider. SO THAT THE BOOKIN AND THE CHARGE ARE GENERATED CORRECTLY, once you are inside the Redsys panel, you have to configure the next options EXACTLY AS IT IS SHOWN IN THE IMAGE:

Step 2

Once you have configured your Redsys account you have to enter to your Bookitit Online Calendar account and from the dashboard, go to the “Payment Gateway” section. Once you are inside, go to “Connect with Redsys”



Step 3

A new tab will open where you will have to insert the “Trade code FUC”, the “Terminal number” and the “Encryption secret key”. This information can be obtained rfom your Redsys panel. If you don’t have this information, APPLY IT TO YOUR BANK.
Once you have configured Redsys’ TPV in the Bookitit online booking system you only will have to introduce in the services the price and the prepayment price so that the payment is applied from the online booking widget.