There is no doubt that in the place where the children enjoy the most is in the children’s parks and leisure centres. To get lost in the pool of balls, to jump on the inflatable castles, get lost on the laberinths and enjoying with friends, is a complete success when it is about birthdays or children’s celebrations.

Organizing every birthday, celebration, event, etc., of a children’s park or leisure centre is not a simple task. Carrying with all the bookings organized with anticipation and allowing your clients to book in your centre from their homes in an online way is possible with our Bookitit online booking and appointment system.

The diverse functionalities of Bookitit allow that you manage your centre in the most optimum and simple way.

From the Bookitit Booking Calendar you will have organized every booking of all the birthdays, events, celebrations, etc., that your children’s park and leisure centre will receive soon. When an online booking is made, it will appear in real time in your calendar.

To receive online bookings, first you will have to configure the services and the agendas that you offer. In this case , the services could be: birthday, celebration of baptism, teenanger parties, school trip, etc. The calendar will be determined by the space which is booked. In this case the calendars could be: Park for 1 to 3 years, Park for 2 to 5 years, Park for 6 to 12 years, etc.

Besides, you can configure the prepaymente option in the moment of the booking. In this way, the clients, in the moment of the booking, will have to make the total or partial paymentof the service they have chosen. To do that you will have to synchronize your Paypal or Stripe account with your Bookitit account.
Another function with which the Bookitit online booking system counts, is the option of confirm the booking. That means that when the clients make bookings, before these appear in the Booking Calendar, the administrator of the account will receive an e-mail in which he or she will be able to confirm or reject the booking. Once the booking is confirmed, you will be able to see it in your Bookitit Booking Calendar.

In every children’s park it is necessary to establish some usage rules and cautions. To remind this to the responsables of the childres which are going to use the facilities, we present the option of including in them in the notifications of the booking. That is to say, inside the consifuration of each service, you can costumize the notificactions which will be adressed to your clients through e-mail or SMS. In this way, for example, in the customization of the notifications you can write that it is necessary that the children are accompanied by an adult who takes responsability of them, the need of bringing socks to enter in the facilities, the ptohibition of entering food or drinks to the facilities, etc. This is a very effective way so that the clients know with anticipation the warnings and come prepared the day of the booking.

How do my clients book?

Once you have configured averything that is necessary, you will have to introduce the widget or the independent links in your website or in your social networks. So, your clients will be able to start with the booking process.

First, to your clients will be shown the services that you offer. In this case, it could be: booking for birthday, booking for celebration of baptism, teenager’s party, school trip, etc. When the clients have selected the services they want to, they will be shown the calendars, that is: park for 1 to 3 years, park for 2 to 5 years, park for 6 to 12 years, etc.

Once they have selected the calendar, they will have to choose the day and time in which they want to make the booking. When they have finished the selection, they will have to introduce some personal information, as their names, e-mail and telephone, in case that it’s a new client. If the clients allready have an user account, they will only have to introduce their e-mail and password.

If you have selecteed the prepayment option, before that the booking is confirmed, the client will have to pay the amount that you have configured previously. When the payment has been done, the booking will have been made successfully and it will appear in your Booking Calendar in real time.

On the other sidem if you have configured the option of confirming the booking before this is included in your Booking calendar, you will first receive a notification through e-mail in which you will be able to confirm or reject the bookings from your clients. Once it is confirmed, it will appear in your Booking Calendar.