Studying languages is something essential nowadays. It is required in any work place or even in higher education. That is why more and more people join languages academies to reach the level they are required to have.

But, besides having this need of learning new languages, people also have other duties, as work or studies, so they have to combine it. So, it is important for a language academy to have flexible hours for their clients. The academies which let their clients to manage their own schedules are the ones which have finally success.

If you think that this system could harm the academy, you are not right. If you are the owner of a language academy you will know that one of the most difficult processes is the management and control of the clients and their schedules. Bureaucracy seems not to end and absenteeism in classes without noticing is something usual. For all this there is a solution and it is incorporating an online scheduling system for your business.

With the Bookitit online booking system you have at disposal a calendar which updates automatically when a client makes a booking at any hour for a class, and as well, when the client cancels or modifies it.

This system is very usefull especially when in the same academy there are different teachers and several languages and levels. With Bookitit you can introduce the number of agendas you want to, which in this case would be the different teachers who offer the classes, and every service they offer, which would be the different languages and different levels. For example, with the online booking system you can configure that Susan, the Spanish teacher, is the one who teaches B2 and C1 Spanish classes, while Ben, another Spanish teacher, is the one who teaches A2 and B1 Spanish classes.
A client can book a class from their house without bothering you by telephone or without having to go to your centre if you incorporate de Bookitit widget in your website or even in your Facebook page or Instagram profile. Once you have it included, the client will be able to click and, from there, choose the services and agenda he or she wants to. Besides, the client will be able to choose the day and hour among the different availability possibilities that will be shown to him or her depending on the service the client wants.

The centre availabilty will be previusly set up by you in the booking system’s dashboard. Here you will be able to configure any kind of settings: the opening hours of your centre, holidays, bank holidays, every agenda availability, etc. In this way, to the client it will only be offered the availability you will have previously set up.

When a client has booked a class, it will show up automatically in the calendar. Besides, a notification will be sent to the client as a reminder of the class with the time in advance you also will have previously configured. This is a way to reduce absenteeism and lost hours that will be invested in other tasks.

Another benefit that Bookitit can contribute to your language academy is the possibility to give session bonuses to your clients. So, if you offer discounts with the session bonuses and a client decides to buy one, you will be able to see how many sessions the client has left while he or she is using it. This is a quite confortable system also for the client, who can manage his or her classes easily with this method.

On the other side, with Bookitit, you will be able to have a list with all your clients and with a record of all their classes. You also will be able to check who has done the payment and who not, besides offering the possibility to pay in advance with the prepayment systems, both Paypal and Stripe. In the section Invoicing you will have control of every payment.

What are you waiting for improve your language academy?