Online scheduling: integration
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Online Booking3.1 Online Booking

This is the space where you will see the results of the settings that are made ​​in the widget, customize and where you get the information you need to integrate it into the web support you prefer. The steps are as follows:

1. Bookitit Widget

1.1 "Do you want to see your widget in action?"

This is the section where you will find ways to integrate the widget Bookitit wherever you want . From here also you will see your widget working as your customers will see . Just click on "Do you want to see your widget in action?". And it will open a new window with him. This will be useful for, during setup you make your hours, services and schedules, check the results. The widget applies fully automatically every change you make.

 FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_VGECOQp0BWo

1.2 “Customize widget labels"

To customize your widget labels must login to your account and go to the control panel. Once there, you click on the button integration come to a new screen that gives you the opportunity to customize labels widget:

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_UGVSaVknXDM

 You get to a new screen:

- Customize the widget language via the dropdown tab.

- Complete the fields you must complete customer when ordering through the widget. To do this, you can write whatever you want it to appear where it says "Type here the text for the label". Finally press the save button.

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_BTAAO1slUzw


1.4 Integration of Bookitit's widget. It is essential that your customers know the widget and have easy access to it: you should advertise. Talk about it when they go to your center. If you have their emails, you can send by email the Widget's link in order to show your work with Bookitit. If you have your own website integrate it and, also, if you have Facebook's profile.

- If you want to send an email with the address through which you access the widget, simply copy the link of the page that opens when you click "Do you want to see your widget in action?" (the same URL that we discussed above for seeing the appearance of the widget).

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- Another very good option is to integrate your widget in your Facebook's profile. Here we show you how to do it through a few simple steps.

1.6 How to integrate Bookitit on your own site?

To integrate Bookitit widget on your website you have several options, according to the web support with which you work. Then you have the options and linked tutorials in which we explain how:

   A) With Jimdo


   B) With WordPress


   C) With Joomla 1.7 using iFrame


   D) With Prestashop (or other websites that do not allow iFrames)


   E) With Wix


1.7 Other options for the widget:

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.cohjigblkjbm_ATQDOAh2Uj0

- "Only first appointment".

- “Skip calendar selection, ifthere is only one”. If only you have an agenda in which the selected service contract can choose to skip this step.

- “Skip service selection, if there is only one”.

 - “Share on facebook” Once your customers finalize the reservation and they quote data appear, will have a link in the same window to share on Facebook that have been cited Bookitit you through . It is recommended that you have marked to promote the use of your widget.

 - “Share on Twitter”. Also, you can offer through Twitter.


2. API for developers

The API is the mechanism which other developers can communicate with Bookitit to remove or insert information. For more information about using the API you can check it here. Please contact us for more information.

FireShot Capture - .__ BOOKITIT __._ - https___app.bookitit.com_U2ADOQE0UWp